Food Fighter Clicker Mod Apk v1.7.2 (Unlimited Diamonds)


In the world, there are many food competitions held in many countries. There, the contestant had to eat a variety of foods and surpass the other players to become the winner. Food Fighter Clicker Mod Apk is a food-related game where you will not only enjoy a lot of food, but also earn money.

Summary about Food Fighter Clicker

Name Food Fighter Clicker
Publisher fffungame
Genre Simulation
Size 50 MB
Request Android 5.0 and up
Mod Feature Unlimited Money

Information about Food Fighter Clicker

This is an extremely fun and easy to play simulation game that gives players high entertainment. Although talking about the topic of food, the player will not be a chef. In Food Fighter Clicker Hack players will become the best food consuming machine ever. This is no ordinary game, this is where you will cook food and serve customers.

You will become a true athlete with Food Fighter Clicker. It’s also not a food-related puzzle game. This is a game that tests your food skills! Initially, you will be full immediately with just one boiled egg.

But as you eat more and upgrade your skills, you can eat more food than you can at a certain time. Try your eating skills right now here! Your eating skills will become stronger, leading to being able to eat a lot of unexpected food.

Gameplay in Food Fighter Clicker

Food Fighter Clicker Mod Apk

When participating in Food Fighter Clicker, you will live a life completely different from other ordinary people. When the average person eats to get by and you eat to make money. Each level will bring many different eating challenges for you. As the level increases, the more food you have to eat, the more money and diamonds you will receive.

With the money and diamonds earned, you can use it to upgrade your eating skills such as increasing bite power, increasing bite frequency, increasing chewing speed, increasing stomach size,… Before upgrading , you have to consider carefully which skills should be upgraded to get the most benefit.

The game will take place in a cyclical loop mechanism, you will earn money when you eat, from that money will upgrade your eating skills and from eating skills, you can eat more and then earn more money. And then it goes on like that until it’s boring.

For the Food Fighter Clicker Apk Mod version, you will be provided with unlimited money and diamonds, so you can freely upgrade the skills and appearance of the character you desire. This is quite interesting, isn’t it?

Become the world’s most eater

Food Fighter Clicker Mod Apk

Food Fighter Clicker Mod Apk

Every day we eat food because we need it to survive. Most people eat 3-5 times a day but that number is completely different in some competitions. If you didn’t know, there were a lot of competitions around the world where people competed to see who could eat the most food in a given time period.

There is a hotdog eating contest and even a seasoning contest. If you want to be a pro in the field, try playing Food Fighter Clicker Mod. In this game, you can rest assured to enjoy food and make money! By completing many challenges, you can get more rewards and you can also eat more.

Upgrade your different eating skills like bite strength, critical bite strength, chewing power and more. All of these are necessary to help you become a stronger fighter. After that, you can unlock more food to eat so you can earn more money.

Besides, you can customize your avatar and change hairstyles, costumes and tables. There are so many foods waiting for you to eat here, can you challenge?

Guide play Food Fighter Clicker

Complete the eating challenge

Food Fighter Clicker Mod Apk

In Food Fighter Clicker Hack, your sole purpose is to eat as much as possible. But this is not easy even if you are playing a game. Initially you will only have a limited amount of stomach and at first you have to eat boiled eggs.

If you want to go to the next level, you must eat as much as you can and complete the challenges. The first challenge is to eat 10 hard-boiled eggs for 30 seconds. This is an extremely difficult challenge, so first you need to eat a lot to upgrade your skills. You’ll also see your levels and other stats when you click on your info in the game.

Upgrade your eating skills

In Food Fighter Clicker Apk, the way to complete eating challenges is to upgrade your eating skills. There are tons of things to upgrade like Chewing Strength, Critical Bite, Critical Bite Probability, Bite Strength, Critical Bite and more.

Of course, they require money for upgrades. The way you can make money here is to eat a lot and complete challenges! But as you increase your abilities, you can eat more food so you can make more money.

Food Fighter Clicker Mod Apk also allows players to change the outfit, hairstyle and table of their avatar. This may not help you eat more, but it does help you look good when you eat!

Download Food Fighter Clicker Mod Apk

Food Fighter Clicker Mod Apk

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