Download Farm Land Mod Apk v2.2.6 (Unlimited Money, No Ads)


Do you want to be a hardworking farmer, happy day by day, idle with farm work. You want to take care of the gardens, grow vegetables, pick fruits, raise animals. Then download Farm Land Mod Apk and start working as a farmer right away!

Summary about Farm Land

NameFarm Land
Size93 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Introduction about Farm Land

Farm Land Mod Apk
Farm Land Mod Apk

Farm Land Mod Apk is an attractive and exciting farm simulation game from the publisher HOMA GAMES. This is a free game for Android, iOS devices and of course there is a MOD version of Unlimited Money for you.

Surely, you have played through many farm games before, but you have never encountered a farm game like this, right? Because the gameplay and image of Farm Land is quite strange and unique. Where you will go on adventures on the farm, raise animals and expand your island!

If in normal farm games, the gameplay is quite slow and gentle. Where you, whether you transform into a character on the screen or not, everything happens very slowly and gently. But in Farm Land Apk there will be no such things.

The first thing is that the speed of the game will be very fast, when playing you will feel like you are fighting. You will be able to plant trees, plant flowers and then reap to collect money within 1 second. When it comes to pets, you will have to take care of them, milk them and collect money in just 1 second.

Gameplay in Farm Land

Farm Land Mod Apk
Farm Land Mod Apk

The context in Farm Land will take place on a small island in the middle of a vast ocean. You will transform into a hardworking farmer with very skilled and skillful working skills. Your goal when playing Farm Land is to work hard to turn this place into a farming kingdom.

Initially, you will start with a field, warehouse and a small field. So you have to work hard to earn money. The main currency in Farm Land Hack is gold coins. Having gold coins in hand you will be able to hire more workers, expand the farm through the vicinity, add more fields, more bridges over the river, more farming areas.

It is true that hiring more people to do it, but in fact most of the work will come to you. Because the crew in this game is very slow. For example, hire a kid to harvest corn and bring money back, then it will stay there. Then you have to spend more money to hire another worker.

Compensating for the laziness of hired workers, you will do everything yourself. No matter how good or talented you are, doing many things at the same time will make you tired. But our farmer, who works tirelessly, can only be found in Farm Land Mod.

How to play Farm Land

Farm Land Mod Apk
Farm Land Mod Apk

Planting fields, picking fruits, taking care of animals, hiring workers and building larger barns will be the jobs that you have to do in Farm Land Mod. Participate in many activities: watering plants, milking cows, shaking plants, shearing sheep and many more. When the harvest season comes, sell produce to the merchants in town and become the greatest farming tycoon on earth, moon and beyond.

Explore an amazing farm island full of special farm adventures. Expand your island to build the biggest farm ever. Catch as many fish as you can on the beach. Sell ​​your crops, goods and resources to other farmers.

Harvest apples, wheat, tomatoes, eggplants and all your favorite fruits and vegetables. Raise a variety of adorable pets as your own farm dog. Raise cows, sheep and hens for milk and eggs. If you wonder why you have to do so much in this game, then just stay put, keep playing, because it’s always difficult at first, but later on, the sweet fruit will come to you.

Become a farming tycoon

Farm Land Mod Apk

Spending a lot of time plowing in Farm Land will help you unlock a lot of things on this island. As new crops such as rice, corn, wheat, tomatoes, sunflowers, etc. In addition, raising animals with high economic value such as dairy cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, etc. . also help you to earn a lot of money.

The climate and soil conditions on the island are also part of the reason why you become a farming tycoon. No matter what kind of plant you plant, whatever animal you raise, it will grow and develop quickly. The harvested output will be stored in the warehouse and on the right side of the screen will tell you the exact amount.

You can sell the harvest to the merchants to make a lot of money. Then build more land, plant more trees and raise more animals. The harder you work, the more you will gradually become a farming tycoon in Farm Land Hack Apk.

Download Farm Land Mod Apk

Farm Land Mod Apk

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