Download Game: Escape Masters Apk – Fun Prison Escape Game


Escape Masters APK is a fun action game with different levels of play and developed by Playgendary Limited. This is a escape game where the player becomes the operator of a group of criminals trying to escape from the prison.

Summary about Escape Masters

Name Escape Masters
Publisher Playgendary Limited
Genre Action
Size 95 MB
Request Android 5.0 and up

Introduction Escape Masers

Escape Masters

Escape Masters

Escape Masters – exciting and fun arcade game with many levels. In which players are invited to help run a group of heroes out of prison. Run a suitable tunnel to the outside, and with luck, the characters will escape the house from waiting trucks. But don’t think that escaping from prison will be easy, because the prison guards will set many traps on the way to escape. Make specific plans to avoid the dangers that await you.

Escape Masters is an action game with escape and escape genre. However, in the game there are no fighting scenes or violence at all. Instead, funny and funny situations will create great entertainment moments for players.

How to play Escape Masters

Escape Masters

Escape Masters

In Escape Masters players will experience the feeling of escaping from the police. Your only task in this game is to dig a tunnel through the ground below the prison to find the way for the accomplices to escape. With drag and drawing to create a path in the ground, players will have to work hard to find the best way to be able to bring the criminals out with as much resources as possible.

Game has an extremely large number of levels, along with a lot of maps. Each level will have a different difficulty level. But of course the higher the difficulty will increase gradually. And players will experience the wonderful feelings below the ground with many unpredictable surprises.

When successfully escaping, gather a lot of money. With the money you earn you can use it to build mansions, buy cars and buy costumes. There are tons of parachutes to escape from as well as loads of outfits you can buy and use for your criminals.



The graphics of the game are very cute and full of fun, whether the police or criminals are drawn extremely cute in a cartoon chibi style. It can be said that this is a game with a graphic style suitable for any age. Effects in the game are also very eye-catching, when picking up gold or digging a road, swimming are added interesting effects.


Extremely fun sound creates interesting feelings for players. Exciting game music does not have dramatic or violent colors, but is a colorful playful full of entertainment. The sounds when interacting with the obstacles in the game, collecting gold coins … are extremely catchy and interesting to the player.


Escape adventure has never been so fun. Save yourself and your companions from unexpected pitfalls and difficult obstacles. Dig the right way out and enjoy your freedom. And then build a house and buy whatever clothes you want.

Download Escape Masters Apk

Escape Masters Apk

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