Dungeon Age of Heroes Mod Apk

Dungeon Age of Heroes Mod Apk v1.10.490 (Unlimited Money)

Dungeon Age of Heroes Mod Apk – adventure game from publisher 4fan studio games with dangerous and exciting adventures on the wonderful kingdom of Jatran. Download Dungeon Age of Heroes to explore the world and take part in challenging battles.

Summary about Dungeon Age of Heroes

NameDungeon Age of Heroes
Publisher4fan studio games
Size82 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Information about Dungeon Age of Heroes

Dungeon Age of Heroes Mod Apk
Dungeon Age of Heroes Mod Apk

Dungeon Age of Heroes is an adventure game where players uncover the secrets of an epic kingdom. Starting the game, players will be involved in an extremely adventurous and exciting adventure in a completely new land.

First, you will have to deal with and find out all the mysterious stories that happened during this time. From there, decipher all the mysteries behind a mysterious kingdom. Joining this adventure game you will have moments of relaxation and entertainment.

Dungeon Age of Heroes received a lot of extremely positive reviews from the gaming community. The game has a lot of challenges of dungeons, vast forests, developed cities, along with dangerous catacombs and castles. The inhabitants appearing in this game are all dangerous characters. They will make you fall into deadly traps.


Dungeon Age of Heroes Mod Apk
Dungeon Age of Heroes Mod Apk

When participating in the Dungeon, players will experience and get lost in the fairy world. In this fantasy world, you will have to go through a difficult and dangerous journey. Your main task is to lead your team of heroes to participate in glorious battles.

The knights in your squad are all the strongest heroes in the world. Therefore, try to maximize their strength to be able to win easily in each battle.

Make your way through dungeons, forests, cities, catacombs and castles facing their sinister inhabitants. Don’t fall into their deadly traps. Make friends with strange characters. Complete their crazy missions. Search for treasures, collect unique equipment for your team, pump the blood of your heroes.

Dangerous and difficult missions

Every day, players will be assigned many different tasks. Each mission appearing in the game brings every player pleasant surprises. Almost all the missions that the player takes on are extremely amplitude and special missions.

Featured missions in this game include finding mysterious treasures, collecting lots of unique gear and items for your team. Besides, you need to participate in many challenges to upgrade the skills and strength of the heroes.

In each different game screen, players will meet completely new enemies and extremely new items. Crafting classic toys will also make everyone have a unique play style.

Players will experience a world with extremely epic and outstanding characters. Each character is designed with a distinct storyline that creates richness and diversity in this game. All elements related to the development and content of the game are constantly updated to give you the best experience.

How to play

Dungeon Age of Heroes Mod Apk
Dungeon Age of Heroes Mod Apk

At the beginning of the game you will create a hero. Then the first quest begins to unfold. Click on the selection key on the right to see the menu appear. You can read all the information about the selected hero, see the status of your hero army and or review the list of tasks to do.

Or you can check out Devine Grace, a form of skill points, which is a collection of all wishes to increase the strength of the hero and the whole army. There are many different types of Devine Grace such as Wisdom, Craftiness, Health.

One tip for those who are new to this game for the first time is that after creating a new hero, you should go on a quest in Map Training. This helps us better understand the quests in the game. And although it has a reputation as a trainer, when you complete it, you will be directly upgraded to Level 2, of course, you will be able to use Level 2 heroes.

Features in Dungeon Age of Heroes

As an adventure RPG, Dungeon Age of Heroes offers fans of the fantasy series challenging battles. You will experience and explore an extremely majestic world with lots of interesting things. All your favorite updates will be integrated into the game’s system by default. So people can quickly join that experience anytime they want.

This is a game that contains separate forms of advertising, but it will not affect the player’s experience. All players can easily buy their favorite products in the default shops in this game. So, start your journey to explore the world and conquer exciting challenges right now.

Download Dungeon Age of Heroes Mod Apk

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alex jam
alex jam
1 year ago

very nice game. Thanks Mod is working

Dungeon Age of Heroes Mod Apk v1.10.490 (Unlimited Money)

Dungeon Age of Heroes Mod Apk