Download Duels Epic Fighting Mod Apk v1.9.0 (Unlocked Vip)


Duels Epic Fighting Mod Apk – a unique game that combines role-playing with 1vs1 combat from the publisher Deemedya INC. Enjoy a unique fighting gameplay experience with a unique auto-battle system that means anyone can play and fight monsters.

Summary about Duels Epic Fighting

NameDuels Epic Fighting
PublisherDeemedya Inc
GenreRole Playing
Size170 MB
RequestAndroid 6.0 and up

Information about Duels Epic Fighting

Duels Epic Fighting Mod Apk
Duels Epic Fighting Mod Apk

Immerse yourself in the medieval game environment. Enjoy the simple yet thrilling gameplay, with epic music and 3d graphics. Battle online against millions of other players in competitive tournaments. Start creating or join a Clan and become the ultimate Hero!

Want to challenge yourself even more? Enter the Dungeon at a time of peril and fight your way through hordes of dangerous and dangerous monsters. Do you like this game genre? Unlock chests to access special gear and crush your enemies!

Use all your strategic skills to access new enhancements and upgrade your character as you progress. Equip your Hero with the best loot, but make sure you choose wisely.


Duels Epic Fighting Mod Apk
Duels Epic Fighting Mod Apk

In Duels Epic Fighting, players will be immersed in a medieval fantasy world and enjoy many exciting levels. First of all, this is a PVP action role-playing game developed with an auto-battle system for players to discover outstanding features that other games don’t have.

Duels have a more action-packed fighting style. Set in the medieval fantasy world, the game has realistically portrayed through every detail to recreate the whole medieval scene.

Not only compete against the machine, but you can also participate in the battle with millions of other players in highly competitive tournaments. You will be immersed in the medieval environment in no time. In addition, players can also experience many unique game screens that are constantly updated in this game.

Become the strongest hero

Duels Epic Fighting Mod Apk
Duels Epic Fighting Mod Apk

In Duels, you can form a clan to engage in combat with your enemies faster. In each battle, the player will start sending characters one by one to fight the enemy. However, don’t forget to recruit all your teammates in the clan to give them even more power.

Players will admire eye-catching action battles with intense and eye-catching battles. Going against players from all over the world is your potential chance to become the strongest hero.

You should join many challenging wars to bring back hundreds of weapons, swords and painful axes to defeat your opponents with unique Duels battles on the battlefield. Choose your favorite medieval warrior, wield weapons and prepare for online multiplayer guild arena battles!

Features in the game

Many unique modes

Use Fire, Ice, Iron, and Poison attacks to defeat giant monsters in Dungeon and Campaign modes. Beat real players and advance into different tournaments to get better loot and improve your fighter with new magical skills.

Battle against players and heroes all over the world, team up to become the best clan and be revered as your clan hero in this multiplayer fantasy action role-playing game full of battles! war.

Use skills to fight

Duels Epic Fighting Mod Apk
Duels Epic Fighting Mod Apk

In battles, Duels players can use a variety of skills to fight powerful enemies. Challenge yourself by diving deep into dungeons and fighting your way to defeat giant monsters.

Use all your strategic skills to gain access to unique upgrades that strengthen your character. There are more than 45 special skills that you can use for each different battle.

Expand your skill set to become more elusive and dangerous. Use special skills like Meteor, Ice Wall, and poison punches to deal extra damage and defeat the fighters. It is the art of war.

Unique character customization

Giving players the most enjoyable experience is the goal of this game. Besides fighting, you can also equip your character with the most powerful weapons and items.

Unlock hundreds of painful weapons, powerful swords and axes, crazy shields, and cool armor to defeat your opponents with a unique Duel on the battlefield.

This is one of those RPG games with vibrant multiplayer combat mechanics and a unique auto-battle system. This feature means that anyone can participate in this game.

Choose your favorite character and get ready to go to war with over 1000 different items for players to use to customize their character to perfection.

Download Duels Epic Fighting Mod Apk

Duels Epic Fighting Mod Apk

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