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Drift Max Pro – Car Drifting Game Mod Apk (Free Shopping, Money)

Drift Max Pro MOD APK – Car Drifting Game is released by Tiramisu publisher. Is a racing game being played by many gamers around the world. Since its launch, the game has had millions of downloads and received positive feedback from players. If you love cars and are bored of traditional speed racing games, you cannot miss this game.

About Drift Max Pro

Impressed by the thrilling chases of supercars in the Fast and Furious series. Especially the extremely beautiful Drift screens made the publisher Games Tiramisu launch the Drift Max Pro product. This is a traditional racing mobile game and when it was released it quickly won the hearts of the gaming community around the world. This game also received positive feedback from players.

If you love cars but are a bit bored with traditional racing games with heavy elements of speed, you cannot ignore this game. Because Drift Max Pro will be based on Drift technology and it will help you immerse yourself in one-of-a-kind racing.

How to play Drift Max Pro

Drift Max Pro

In Drift Max Pro, the main task of the player is not racing like some traditional racing games (ie using speed to finish first in each race). If you apply that rule to this game, you will definitely become a loser.

Your main task in this game is that you have to Drift continuously to achieve as many points as possible. Technical factors always come first. Show everyone how skilled you are at driving. In real life, Drift is a very difficult technique, the number of people who can do it is only counted on the fingers.

However, in Drift Max Pro you will easily master this technique by rationally using the Gas and Brake keys in combination with Turning the steering wheel. Each level of the game is limited in time, just go and Drift enough points and then reach the finish line on time, so you are already the winner on this fiery race. Too simple, right?

The more beautiful you Drift, the more score you will earn. Drift Max Pro has a perfect scoring system to evaluate your performance. Practice your racing skills, earn lots of scores and set new records. Connect with friends and beat them on the game’s leaderboard system.

Diverse race track

Drift Max Pro owns many famous track maps around the world. From the Formula 1 races in France, the bustling streets of Tokyo, the racetracks in Madrid Spain, or the colorful turns in Brazil… it’s all in this one-of-a-kind exciting game. .

However, the races are arranged in order from easy to difficult, to conquer more difficult challenges you have to complete the game’s stages in turn.

Types of supercars


In racing games, it is impossible not to mention the modern supercars that everyone must dream of. Drift Max Pro owns dozens of supercars of the world’s leading car manufacturers. A series of cars from Fords, Toyotas to big cars like Ferrari or Lamborghini are waiting for you to take them right to the garage.

After each level, based on the number of points you achieve, you will receive an amount of money. Use this money to buy cars and upgrade car accessories to make it easier for you to conquer the tracks.

Graphics and sound

Drift Max Pro Hack

Drift Max Pro Mod Apk has extremely beautiful 3D graphics that are easy to match with any racing game on the market (But never compare with super graphics GRID Autosport or Asphalt 9). Signature motion effects highlight each of your Drifts.

In particular, the sound of the game is extremely realistic. The sound of wheels grinding down the asphalt will definitely make you extremely excited. Enjoy the joy of winning with the hot models in the game.


As soon as I downloaded it, I spent all day playing Drift Max Pro Mod Apk. This game does not require an Internet connection to play the game so you are completely satisfied with its quality and smoothness. The feeling of performing artistic Drifts or buying expensive supercars is really great.

If you are looking for a special art racing game in 2018 then why not download Drift Max Pro right away. As usual, I will attach the Download link for you below, including the standard versions and the Game MOD APK version with unlimited money function.

Download Free Drift Max Pro – Car Drifting Game Mod Apk (Free Shopping, Money)

Drift Max Pro Mod Apk (Free Shopping, Hack Money)
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Drift Max Pro – Car Drifting Game Mod Apk (Free Shopping, Money)

drift max pro hack