Download Dream Park Story Mod Apk v1.3.0 (Unlimited Money)


Dream Park Story Mod Apk – an amusement park simulation game with pixel graphics and extremely interesting and unique gameplay. In this game, you will experience the feeling of building your own amusement park from the very first foundations to growing up. Create your own unique park in Dream Park Story.

Summary about Dream Park Story

NameDream Park Story
Size74 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Introduce about Dream Park Story

Dream Park Story Mod Apk

Dream Park Story is a simulation game published by Kairosoft. This is an extremely attractive game with simple, light and attractive gameplay. Surely when you experience this game, you will have the most relaxing moments of entertainment. Throw wings to unleash a magical kingdom of fun and thrills!

In Dream Park Story, your job is to create your own amusement park. However, it must meet the criteria that are beautiful, unique and strange. That will create a highlight in front of the visitors and entice them to stay longer.

Create and customize everything in your own style theme park. Starting with the smallest attractions like a tea trip or backpacking trip, you will be able to build bigger and better things. You can even organize events, hire mascots, and organize parades across the street.

Gameplay in Dream Park Sky

Dream Park Story Mod Apk

Before starting the construction of the park, you need to give your park a name. And of course, when you start, you will be guided by the game on basic features such as how to build this building, how to upgrade. Get used to those things to build bigger things later.

However, you will not do it alone because there will be a companion, a trusted assistant that is Rhonda Coaster. She is a loyal, hardworking and passionate person for your park project. She is always ready to help you in any situation.

When your park is ready to go, open it up to visitors and tourists. To make a lot of money, you will have to invest a large amount of money. You need to build the work in the right location because if you have built a certain structure, it will not be able to be moved and the wages will still be lost as usual.

Consider planting more trees in the walkways to make the park more airy and cool. Do not forget to add decorative architectural works such as fountains, flower gates hanging banners, statues, creating interesting parades… Public works will be the places that attract many visitors. and increase the park’s customer friendliness.

How to play Dream Park Story

Dream Park Story Mod Apk

What do visitors like most about visiting your park? How to improve if customers are not satisfied with your park. There’s no better tool to check for up-to-the-minute responses than the park’s social media.

Based on those assessments, you will know what problem your park is facing, where it needs to be solved and how to improve it? Work hard and you can get the attention of famous online influencers!

Are you running out of resources to build new buildings? Don’t worry just call your friendly residential construction company to expand the park grounds. Before long, you’ll be setting up Ferris wheels, roller coasters, and other large-scale attractions to grab the attention of potential customers passing by.

One thing to note in Dream Park Story is that even if you are not financially well off, it is quite difficult while building a new building. Because to unlock and build a building, you have to meet certain conditions (number of visitors to the park, the construction of another building…)

Build a reasonable development strategy

Dream Park Story Mod Apk
Dream Park Story Mod Apk

The more impressed your visitors are with the park, the more money you will earn. The money earned can be used to research new attractions and fixtures or add new functions to existing ones.

This game gives your fans an experience they will never forget and helps you rise up the leaderboards! Based on the marketing strategy of the media channels, you can attract more visitors to your park.

The beauty of Dream Park Story is that you will start up from a large debt. That means you will have to borrow a certain amount of money to build your park. Therefore, if there is no specific plan or strategy, it will most likely lead to bankruptcy and more debt.

If your random constructions don’t attract tourists, you’ll end up with a huge debt. Therefore, instead of building the same buildings, you should build new buildings that will create curiosity with visitors and attract customers more.

Download Dream Park Story Mod Apk

Dream Park Story Mod Apk

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