Dragon Island Mod Apk v1.1.0 (Carry unlimited resources)


Do you want to explore a vast dragon island with many fascinating adventures waiting for you. Download Dragon Island Mod Apk and start your journey to raise alpha dragons and discover the mysteries of the islands. Become the best dragon trainer in Dragon Island!

Summary about Dragon Island

NameDragon Island
Size90 MB
RequestAndroid 7.0 and up

Introduce about Dragon Island

Dragon Island Apk is a fascinating and exciting fantasy island simulation game from the developer Alohafactory. In this game, you will be raising extremely lovely and equally ferocious dragons. From there you will become a best dragon trainer.

In this game, you can explore the super dragon island! By exploring the deserted island, you can harvest food, to raise baby dragons to gradually become Super Dragons! After that, I can recruit Super Dragon to be my assistant and continue to explore other super dragon islands in Dragon Island!

In this game there are many different species of dragons such as fire dragons, three-headed dragons, ocean dragons, earth dragons, etc. All are waiting for you to discover. Dragon Island contains many mysteries that no one knows yet. Therefore, you will encounter many unexpected and interesting situations that you have never experienced.

Interesting dragon farming game

Dragon Island Mod Apk

In the Google Play store there are countless games of all genres, especially simulation games. This is a game genre with slow gameplay, simple gameplay and extremely entertaining fun. Therefore, this is a game genre that is loved by many people.

Since childhood, have any friends here ever dreamed of raising dragons. Surely isn’t it? In the old days, every time I watched a movie about dragons like how to train dragons, Dragon Wars, etc., I started wishing I could raise dragons like in the movies.

I have also played a lot of games about dragons, but Dragon Island is one of the games that makes me feel impressed and excited. This game will help you fulfill that dream. Dragon Island is adventure on islands with dragons! Raise alpha dragons and explore mysterious islands filled with interesting things.

Gameplay in Dragon Island

At the beginning of the game, you will be taken to a large island with a goldsmith, trees and a dragon egg. On the islands there are many different resources and you will have to harvest it. Resources that can be used to feed your dragon and unlock more new things.

Initially, without tools, you will have to use your hands to pick dragon fruits and harvest them on your shoulders. Unlocking the first dragon egg will cost 3 dragon fruit. Unlocking the first ax will cost you 2 dragon fruit, but in return you will harvest dragon fruit faster. Then to upgrade the alpha dragon, you will have to pick 6 more dragon fruits.

Once you upgrade your alpha dragon to level 2, you will unlock a pig farm. One interesting thing about Dragon Island is that you can use an ax to harvest pigs. It sounds ridiculous right, but in this game, that’s how it is. Use 6 pigs to upgrade Alpha dragon to level 3 and complete the missions on island 1.

You will then be taken to the next island and start the same job as in island 1. Find the hidden sagas of Then you will be taken to the next island and start working like in island 1. However, in island 2 there will be more new and interesting things. In island 2, you will have the support of dragons to help you harvest resources faster. And of course you need to use the resources to unlock them first.

Coming to island 3, there will be even more new things. On island 3, you will be given a dragon wing to be able to fly faster without having to run anymore. In addition, you can also use resources to upgrade weapons and movement speed. A new thing that appeared on island 3 is that there is an additional roasting pork oven.

To have roast pork, you will have to harvest pork on the farm and put it in the oven. Then harvest roast pork, dragon fruit and pork in enough quantity to upgrade the 3-headed dragon and unlock island 4. In Dragon Island, you will experience the joy of helping the little and cute chicks grow big. into giant dragons.

Instructions on how to play Dragon Island

Explore the amazing Dragon Island: Explore new worlds, acquire and use new resources. Get island resources and upgrade your island. Harvest sweet dragon fruit and raise your dragon! The more dragon- and fish-loving pig roasts you make for eggs, the more you can meet upgraded islands.

In addition, in the new Island, you will face the onslaught of monsters on Dragon Island, forcing you to fight to protect Super Dragon Island from monsters. You can also watch ads to get more resources faster. But I do not recommend this because it will take a lot of your time.

When you collect resources, you will only earn a certain amount and the backpack will be full. However, if you use the MOD APK version of modapkgame, your backpack will be unlimited and you will not have to run back and forth to collect resources anymore. You just need to stand in the harvest position, count the correct amount and bring it to the upgrade place.

Download Dragon Island Mod Apk

Dragon Island Mod Apk

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