Bunny Live Mod Apk

Download Bunny Live Mod Apk v2.8.4 (Allow Screen Record)

Bunny Live Mod Apk – Perfect tool for beginners in Live Streaming and connect millions of people around the world together. With Bunny Live, people can meet live idols and chat with lots of other people. Bunny Live is an entertainment application released and developed by Bunnycompany.

Summary about Bunny Live

NameBunny Live
Size44 MB
RequestAndroid 6.0 and up

What is Bunny Live?

Bunny Live Mod Apk
Bunny Live Mod Apk

You can entertain your friends and family just by pressing a button. This is just one of many features that you will enjoy as a user. Besides, you will also discover that it is quite interesting to watch people live stream activities.

More and more people are turning to live streaming as a way to keep up with their favorite social media accounts. Those who practice live streaming can even make a living from it. If you want to know how to broadcast and take advantage of this platform, read this blog.

Bunny Live is a pioneer in live streaming. Streaming on a smartphone app platform helps users connect with hundreds of thousands of idol livestreams, which makes it a growing streaming market. Bunny Live is a new app where users can earn real money from the rewards they generate from live streaming.

What is the difference between Bunny Live and other online apps?

While many people are streaming videos on YouTube, there are hundreds of thousands of people streaming videos directly to their smartphone app. Bunny Live is not your average app. It is one of the leaders in live streaming for mobile platforms.

Those looking to do live streaming can choose to switch tracks, switch themes, or do more. This blog will discuss how live streaming has changed and how these types of mobile apps are changing the game.

Bunny Live’s CEO, Taylor, explains to you how the app works. What you will learn is how to build an audience, increase production value, and have fun with your online performances.

How does Bunny Live work?

Bunny Live Mod Apk
Bunny Live Mod Apk

When everyone is streaming, the system will create a private room with the corresponding ID code. You can join a chat room when you know the user’s ID or name.

As a user, you can communicate with people who are live through messaging. They can track your messages in the message box on the left side of the screen. Of course, you can also track messages sent from other people.

Just like popular streaming apps like Bigo Live and Spoon, Bunny Live also supports streamer giveaways. You can use coins to buy gifts and give it to the room owner (idol).

Bunny Live is young and inspired by youth, that’s why developer can give you the best experience for your young soul. Come to us and we will bring you a unique experience with super cute features and colorful live streams.

Bunny Live features

Bunny Live Mod Apk
Bunny Live Mod Apk

You will always have the best and happiest time with Bunny Live. You can live stream your fun moments and become an Idol or join other Idol’s live streams to chat with them.

Anyone can create a room and go live to chat with everyone. However, to become an idol, you will have to fill in your information in the registration form. This information will be verified by the developer and considered appropriate. If successful, you’ll be granted permission to create a live stream room, among other perks.

Bunny Live also allows idols to interact with other idols. This feature will display a thumbnail of other idols in the left corner of the screen. You can switch to their room by tapping on the thumbnail. This is also an interactive way to increase viewership.

How do Bunnies Live make money?

If you are an idol, you can create a streaming room at any time and can receive gifts from other users. These gifts can be exchanged for coins (in-app currency) or for real money. Thanks to this mechanism, many people have chosen Bunny Live as a platform to earn money based on their talent.

Singing, confiding, telling stories, playing games are popular forms to attract viewers. Then, if they feel impressed with you, viewers can donate through the form of buying gifts. Bunny Live also integrates a room lock feature to support idols. At that time, those who want to join the room, they are forced to give at least one gift.


We hope you enjoyed our article on how to broadcast your live event. With the improvements that have taken place in the world of live streaming, it’s easy to broadcast your live event on a smartphone app platform. If you are interested in learning more about how to broadcast your live event, you can visit our website at Modapkgame.com. Thank you for reading, we’d love to hear from you!

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