Dig Out Mod Apk

Download Dig Out Mod Apk v2.27.1 (Unlimited Money, Pickaxe)

Dig Out Mod Apk – endless entertaining adventure game with a lively space and beautiful action scenes. In the game, the player will play the role of a gold digger excavating the underground with lots of diamonds, gems and treasures. Dig Out is a game to help you entertain and relax after every stressful working hour.

Summary about Dig Out

NameDig Out
Size130 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Information about Dig Out

Dig Out Mod Apk
Dig Out Mod Apk

Dig Out Mod Apk is an adventure game published and developed by ziMAD. In Dig Out, you will play as a tiny hero shaped like an elf and participate in the race for gold and diamonds. Enter the pixel maze dungeon and start the hunt for the great elves treasure chest!

Imagine a scene where you only have a certain number of lives left, the drill and the pickaxe are all gone and the goblins or dwarves keep their loot ready to attack… What will you do in the maze to win this treasure hunt? ?

Dig Out Mod Apk is a game that brings fun, new feeling and attraction right from the start. Start your fun journey in the underground maze and try to find your way out! As the bomb-dropping dwarf used to say: “dig, dig, drill, drill”! The race to find gold awaits a new boss in the mines!

Discovery the secret underground

Dig Out Mod Apk
Dig Out Mod Apk

Players enter and conduct a treasure hunt in the land of the elves. If you are a beginner, do not worry that you will not be able to play because the game will have very easy to understand instructions, providing information for beginners to use.

After getting used to the game, it is too simple to continue, control in the direction you want and go in that direction to hunt for diamonds, gems and treasures. The player must choose a tiny elf-shaped hero and participate in a race for gold and diamonds.

Even if you’re already a skilled miner and no longer your usual pick-and-shovel knight, beware of the underground goblins ready to block your dig and plant bombs throughout the maze, so Use your pickaxe in the elves’ treasure fortress!

Watch out for falling rocks and dwarves planting bombs in the maze, craft items, attack strategically and uncover all the secrets the dwarves keep!

Trap your enemies

Dig Out Mod Apk
Dig Out Mod Apk

Be wary of very sophisticated underground goblins. It will interfere with you while hunting for treasure, so it is necessary to equip defensive tools to destroy them. Those goblins are always waiting for you in the maze be careful and avoid the bombs they place below; which is the trap and weakness for new users?

All our efforts will be compensated with giant diamonds or treasure chests buried deep underground, giving us a sense of joy when conquering those youkai.

In the game all your tools such as hoes, shovels, drills have expired. What will you do to be able to defeat the goblins and win the game? What you need to do is use your skills to continue your journey to play with the goblins in the ground and take advantage of their openings to find a way to escape.

Why should you play Dig Out?

Dig Out Mod Apk
Dig Out Mod Apk

Dig Out is a fun experience for those who love to explore. That’s the difference between getting installs on OS devices. Choose the Pixel miner characters you want, providing you with tools like drill, pickaxe, shovel to dig treasures under challenging lands.

In addition, in Dig Out, you can also exchange, make friends, chat or gain experience, even compete for titles with top miners with online game mode.

The obstacles will increase the difficulty of the game, making players more and more attracted and want to conquer each level. You won’t stop being surprised as you play because of the maps and pitfalls that you can’t anticipate.


  • Randomly generated endless and fun adventure map
  • Goblin traps you’ve never seen
  • Tough obstacles are everywhere in the maze. Whether it’s a rolling rock or a labyrinth block or even blocks of earth
  • Exclusive treasure diggers to go deeper into the gold mine
  • Choose your own pixel miner character
  • Discover buried or hidden treasure chests and gems
  • Compete with friends for the title of best miner
  • Support 10 languages

Download Dig Out Mod Apk

Dig Out Mod Apk
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Download Dig Out Mod Apk v2.27.1 (Unlimited Money, Pickaxe)

Dig Out Mod Apk