Download Day R Premium Mod Apk v1.691 (Unlimited Money)


Day R Premium Mod Apk – survival role-playing game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world filled with death and desolation. Day R Premium is a game published and developed by tltGames. Find a way to survive in the post-apocalyptic world destroyed by nuclear war and avoid radiation.

Summary about Day R Premium

NameDay R Premium
GenreRole Playing
Size88 MB
RequestAndroid 6.0 and up

Information about Day R Premium

Day R Premium Mod Apk
Day R Premium Mod Apk

The context in Day R Premium will take place in Russia in 1985, the time of nuclear war. Russia is now suffering from dozens of nuclear bombs. Make many people radioactive, and become mutants, the most terrible form of zombies you have ever seen.

There are some lucky people who survived and that includes you. But perhaps in this situation, life is sometimes more difficult and harsher than death. With the survival instinct rising, you will have to find all ways to survive.

You have to roam around in search of food and water, find items to craft self-defense weapons, and constantly fight against a series of monsters and terrible mutants out there. How to survive in the post-apocalyptic world destroyed by nuclear war and avoid radiation?

Survive the apocalypse

Day R Premium Mod Apk
Day R Premium Mod Apk

Radiation, hunger and disease are all around you. You have to cross the whole country and save your family after nuclear war. Who knows if they are alive, or if radiation and deadly viruses have reached them? Uncover the secret of the apocalypse and regain your memories on a walking tour through the vast territory of the Soviet Union in the 1980s.

Surviving the apocalypse isn’t easy. You will face real hunger games and dead characters! Monsters, thirst, countless plagues and injuries, bloodthirsty enemies – you have to fight them all in survival strategy games. Craft all your resources: weapons, clothing, and transport.

Your mission is not only to survive, survive and fight. But also to find the answer to the ultimate cause of this disaster. Find and gather the survivors to lead them on a journey to restore the status quo of Russia. But first, you have to help yourself find your own memories to know what happened in your own journey across Russia.


Day R Premium Mod Apk
Day R Premium Mod Apk

When you come to this game, you are lost in the world of the Soviet Union, a country that is falling into war and suffering a lot of bombs. You have the right to choose, change the seasons here at will. In addition, you also have the right to see a map of this country.

When coming to this land, be careful with everything, especially when hunting animals. Even the smallest species like rats can bite you and injure yourself.

Although the environment and atmosphere here is very harsh and challenging, besides that, you always have friends, teammates who are always with you and they are the ones who bring joy and laughter. while fighting.

In addition, you will have many interesting and difficult missions. A special game mode in this game that other games do not have is the cooperative game mode. When using this mode, you will have the opportunity to talk and exchange items and items with other players.

You can also socialize and make friends online. Besides, you and your teammates will together overcome the will to survive and survive in an environment like this. However, in the face of disease, enemies and hunger, as long as we unite with one heart, all difficulties will be just like a blade of grass.

Explore the world

Day R Premium Mod Apk
Day R Premium Mod Apk

When you come here, if you want to explore, discover and experience new things, you can explore the long-abandoned land and explore the abandoned high-rise buildings. You can also hunt, search and collect different weapons.

The people here are very talented. They have created various vehicles to help people travel more conveniently. Besides, when you come here, you will be reminded of the knowledge of chemistry and physics to apply to life here.

As a result, they will help you improve skills such as chemistry, mechanics, etc. and learn more knowledge. What’s more, you will hone your skills, knowing hundreds of more recipes to create a variety of reactions.

Explore abandoned buildings and shelters. Find weapons and build traffic using different materials. Remember everything you ever learned about chemistry and physics! This is an extremely realistic survival game!

Unite people to overcome war

Day R Premium Mod Apk
Day R Premium Mod Apk

The war will not stop, it will continue. Only faith, determination and patriotism will last forever. Whether sacrificing or surviving, let’s always fight hard to overcome death and fight the enemy.

This game will have a mode that allows you to survive, live together, face and overcome difficulties and dangers together, always confide in each other and help each other have more motivation, more strength to fight. fight the enemy.

Day R Premium has 4 game modes: Real life, Sandbox, Super hard and Online. Sandbox can be considered as an apprentice mode, in which you can barely die, very good for beginners to get used to the game.

Real-life mode will be harsher, like real life outside, just one wrong move, you will pay with your life. You will see the surrounding space change with the seasons, and one after the other you will travel through the huge map of the Soviet Union with more than 2700 towns and cities large and small.

Features in Day R Premium

This game has a Craft system; With this system, you can create your own items in various ways, such as getting resources from the game, hunting for many other objects or weapons that are useful to you.

You have to find your own way and freely journey, experience strange roads in the mode of thousands of participants in the game. In addition, you have the right to choose the level of play depending on your preferences and desires.

Draft system – get resources, hunt, find useful objects or weapons and create your own! Hardcore survival simulation. Journey through the wild map in multiplayer mode.

Graphics and sound

The soundtrack in Day R Premium Mod Apk is quite unusual compared to other post-apocalyptic games. It is sad, has a bit of a cruel sound, and in that sadness you can always feel many dangers coming.

On that soft background music, the sound of collected items stands out clearly, which will increase your excitement when playing a lot. It’s like a little spiritual encouragement, but in a desperate situation, it will become a great encouragement to people.

Download Day R Premium Mod Apk

Day R Premium Mod Apk

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