Crush Them All Mod Apk

Crush Them All Mod Apk v1.8.210 (Unlimited Money, Free upgrade)

Crush Them All Mod Apk is an attractive role-playing game released by Imperia Online JSC. The game tells about the war between heroes and monsters in the evil land. This is an exciting role-playing game that combines RPG Pixel graphics and idle action gameplay.

Summary about Crush Them All

NameCrush Them All
PublisherImperia Online JSC
GenreRole Playing
Size130 MB
RequestAndroid 6.0 and up

Introduce about Crush Them All

Crush Them All Mod Apk
Crush Them All Mod Apk

Crush Them All Mod takes you to a dark world full of magic. There will take place fierce battles between heroes and giant monsters. Players will take on the role of a commander with the task of gathering all the heroes and forming a team.

Then fight together with the giant monsters of the dark forces. Roam through demonic lands, defeat giant bosses and rescue princesses in this epic IDLE (auto) role-playing game.

Tap with one finger, collect and upgrade hundreds of heroes, search for powerful artifacts, and advance in this never-ending journey even while you’re resting!

A journey full of pitfalls is waiting for you ahead. You will have to fight a lot of different monsters. So use effective tactics to change the outcome of the battle. Destroy all enemies that block to win.

Gameplay of Crush Them All

Crush Them All Mod Apk
Crush Them All Mod Apk

Crush Them All Mod Apk is a turn-based automatic combat role-playing game. Although there are only 2D graphics, the details in the game are still very realistic. In the game, you will be immersed in fascinating battles with strong combat phases of warriors.

Show the talent of a good commander to unite the squad and get ready to fight to save the princess. The gameplay in the game takes place in a scene mode. That means your warriors will have to fight a lot of different monsters.

After defeating the enemy, the player will receive a huge bonus. You will have to use this money to upgrade the squad by upgrading the strength, attack, and defense stats of each hero. When upgrading to a certain threshold, the hero will unlock more special stats.

When unlocking special stats, the hero will gain a lot of damage in battle. In addition, the stats on speed, defense and health have also been significantly increased. This will help your squad kill monsters faster and pass more levels.

However, you need to note one thing that after each upgrade, the amount to spend will increase gradually, the higher the level, the more money to upgrade. So playing Crush Them All Mod Apk will help you to upgrade for free without worrying about anything.

Recruit heroes and power up

Crush Them All Mod Apk
Crush Them All Mod Apk

To be able to progress further in the levels, you will have to make the squad stronger by recruiting and upgrading. You will not be able to win this game if you are alone. You need teammates and fight together.

Recruiting new heroes is very important. In Crush Them All Mod, there are many different heroes for you to choose from. Like Luka, Alda, Voodoo Spear, Voodoo Archer, Dark Knight, etc. They will fight with you monsters to rescue the princess.

If you want them to become stronger, you need to upgrade them. To upgrade them, you must have a lot of money. Because after each upgrade, the amount to spend will increase gradually, the higher the level, the more money to upgrade.

In addition to making your battle easier as well as being able to enter deeper into the enemy’s dark world. Then in your squad, there should be many heroes with their own fighting style. At that time, they will support each other during the battle.

Crafting weapons and items

In addition to upgrading heroes, making weapons and auxiliary items is also very important. You can craft your own from the materials collected after each level. These materials can be combined into powerful weapons to equip heroes.

There are more than 50 powerful items to strengthen your heroes. When heroes are equipped with additional weapons, they will become much stronger. Moreover, auxiliary equipment such as jewelry or armor also helps increase the strength of the hero.

When your squad is fully equipped with weapons and items, you will have enough strength to cope with more difficult levels and stronger monsters. Help you collect more and more expensive loot. Create the most powerful squad.

Exciting battles with monsters

Crush Them All Mod Apk
Crush Them All Mod Apk

In Crush Them All Mod Apk, there are many levels with scary giant bosses. If in the early stages, you will only have to fight with dry skeletons or small monsters. Then the later, the difficulty of the game will increase gradually.

There are no longer dry skeletons, but instead there are magicians, spiders, worms, flying monsters, etc. Also, when you reach certain levels, you will have to face giant bosses. . They possess a huge amount of health and strength.

In addition to their enduring resistance, they can also deal massive damage to heroes. This is the right time for you to exploit the full power of the heroes. Use special skills to defeat the boss before the hero team has to lie down.

Join the guild battles

Crush Them All Mod Apk
Crush Them All Mod Apk

In addition to fighting bosses in the story mode, you can also interact with other players around the world with the clan battle mode. You can create your own clan and invite other players to join. Or you can join guilds formed by other players and alliances to create collective power.

Join the guild players to participate in the clan war, where there will be the most terrible monsters in this game. However, they have extremely large defense and damage stats, many times higher than the bosses in the story mode.

Destroy them, you will receive valuable rewards. So let’s work with the players in the guild to create the most reasonable strategy to destroy these monsters. Find out their weak point and exploit it to the maximum to be able to quickly defeat them.

Features in Crush Them All

The game has an auto-attack mode that allows you to set up your hero team to automatically fight monsters even when the offline version. When you return you will receive the countless rewards they have collected. There are more than 1000 levels for you to fight without being boring.

Each level is a new challenge for you to conquer. Upgrade and craft many powerful weapons and items to help your hero become stronger, deal more damage to monsters.

The graphics of Crush Them All Mod are designed in 2D RPG style. Although the picture quality is a bit classic, the colors are extremely bright. Along with that, the character creation is very unique, as well as the effects when using skills are extremely impressive.

In addition, it is impossible not to mention the shape of the monster in the game. They are animals, monsters, elves, magicians but designed very unique and funny. Does not cause fear to the player.

Besides, the combination with the gentle background music played throughout the battles also gives you a feeling of excitement and comfort, not being bored during the game.

Download Crush Them All Mod Apk

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