Crowd Evolution Mod Apk v2.20.0 (Unlimited Money, No Ads)


Crowd Evolution Mod Apk – attractive and extremely unique entertainment game with the theme of human evolution through many periods. In the game, you will become an ancient prehistoric person then will go through the time portals to evolve through all human periods. Have fun enjoying the exciting experience in Crowd Evolution right now!

Summary about Crowd Evolution

NameCrowd Evolution
PublisherRollic Games
Size93 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Introduce about Crowd Evolution Mod Apk

Crowd Evolution Mod Apk
Crowd Evolution Mod Apk

Crowd Evolution Mod Apk is a casual arcade game published by Rollic Games. This is a very famous game publisher with many million-downloaded titles such as: Office Fever, Hair Challenge, Text Or Die,… And Crowd Evolution is a new game that has been released for about two months but has already been released. get a lot of downloads and very positive reviews.

In this game, you will enjoy the exciting experience of being able to grow your crowd and fight the enemies. This game will be interesting in that every time they evolve to a certain period, the characters will change their shape and weapons. And of course, their strength also increased proportionally with the number of years of evolution.

Crowd Evolution has quite flexible and interesting gameplay. Simple graphics and low capacity, so when playing, there will rarely appear lag. The main objective of playing this game is to grow your crowd by collecting time portals and fighting a horde of people at the end of each level.

Gameplay in Crowd Evolution Apk

Crowd Evolution Mod Apk
Crowd Evolution Mod Apk

At the beginning of the game, you will be provided with a prehistoric guy with only a very rudimentary leaf loincloth. He will start evolving from round zero and click on the screen to start moving him. In the first levels, the difficulty will not be high and you just need to pay attention to the time portals in front of you.

Along the way, there will be places where two gates appear and you will have to choose one of them. Pay attention to the calculation and choose which gate has a larger time so that the character can evolve faster. And there will also be a gate that will increase the number of people accompanying you.

You have to try to move through the time portals to get the biggest and most energetic crowd. To do this, you will have to go through the most years increasing time portal and the one that helps increase the number of people then you will see your crowd growing!

Along the way, there will be many obstacles and time portals that will reduce your number. The way to recognize things that are harmful to you will be red and pay attention to avoid them. In addition you also have to fight with the enemies ahead to pass the level. Then you can upgrade various things like year, workforce and income!

Grow your crowd

Crowd Evolution Mod Apk
Crowd Evolution Mod Apk

Crowd Evolution is a new and exciting game for Android mobile devices. The game uses traditional evolutionary gameplay and makes the impossible possible. In this game, your task is to grow a crowd of people in a few years, starting with the most humble one.

Starting with just one, you must help him find many more to grow into a bigger and stronger force. As your horde grows, you’ll be able to take on greater quests to destroy giants, enemy forces, and structures.

The evolution of the game will take place in two phases including the development phase and the battle phase. During the development phase, you will explore the map and earn extra years and more crowds. In the combat phase, you must use the power of the mob to defeat the enemy forces and take over their buildings.

Lots of fun levels

Crowd Evolution Mod Apk
Crowd Evolution Mod Apk

With Crowd Evolution, you can have fun as the game offers a lot of different levels of fun. Here, each level will be its own challenges with many enemies as you are trying to grow your crowd by overcoming realistic obstacles.

Your goal is always to grow your crowd towards the people of more modern years. However things will not be easy to get there because there are many obstacles standing in your way. You have to be fast and dodge these obstacles so as not to lose anyone and not lose the number of years.

In Crowd Evolution, you can continuously upgrade many things to be able to complete more levels. Here you can upgrade your year, manpower and income. By doing so, you will be able to progress through many levels quickly. Then you can also upgrade your units into ninjas, spearmen, archers, and more.

Simple and flexible controls

Crowd Evolution’s challenges and obstacles will challenge you to move your fingers flexibly. However, the control of the game is also very simple, so if you are a newbie, it is still easily accessible. The way to control is just swipe left, right to dodge or earn only.

Alternatively, you can navigate your followers around obstacles by dragging them in the desired direction. This control becomes even more important as the years are collected.

You have to evaluate the options quickly before you make them and choose the best one that will bring the maximum benefit to your crowd. For example, deciding +10 years and +500 months can be difficult. You have to decide which of the two will add up to your total years and help your crowd grow faster.

Download Crowd Evolution Mod Apk

Crowd Evolution Mod Apk

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