Crack Shooter Mod Apk v1.9.8 (Unlimited Money, Diamonds)


Crack Shooter Mod Apk – an entertaining and fun shooting action game from the developer 300 Studio. In it, players will experience dramatic and attractive shooting matches with the role of a cowboy in the west. Are you ready for the wild west adventure?

Summary about Crack Shooter

NameCrack Shooter
Publisher300 Studio
Size104 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Introduction about Crack Shooter

Crack Shooter Mod Apk

When it comes to cowboys, people often think of the wild desert lands of the West. On the Google Play store there are many interesting and interesting shooting games, but perhaps not many themed games about cowboys in the West.

Prominent among those few games, is Crack Shooter Mod. A game with quite simple graphics but the gameplay is extremely attractive and unique. Crack Shooter will keep you going with a smooth and satisfying shooting experience through simple virtual joysticks.

Crack Shooter Hack is set in the Wild West with a group of cowboys in the American West with excellent shooting skills. They are living happily and happily in this peaceful land. The sudden appearance of uninvited guests makes the peaceful life here suddenly become disturbed quickly.

They are disgusting creatures, slaughtering the entire population of this land. In the role of a cowboy with gun skills, you will perform the task of destroying the other creatures to rescue relatives and villagers from the hands of evil monsters.

Gameplay in Crack Shooter Mod Apk

Crack Shooter Mod Apk
Crack Shooter Mod Apk

A group of cowboys known as the ‘Pioneers’ ventured into the wild west and eventually settled there. Leaving the civilized world behind, they struggled and struggled, gained a foothold in this harsh land and started their own farm. Life seemed peaceful. But the good times never last.

Mysterious creatures seem to crawl out of nowhere, destroying farmlands and attacking anyone they come across. Be a hero. Protect everyone and eliminate these creatures! Save Kidd’s lover, don’t let him wait in despair!

The background of Crack Shooter Apk is the wild and majestic Western land. Is a place inhabited by cowboys with a strong temperament and always full of courage. They will have to stand up and fight the enemies that wreak havoc where they are. Their lives were turned upside down, heavy damage was done, and their loved ones were taken away.

Pick up your gun and start fighting those aliens. Your adventure will be extremely difficult and thrilling when you have to use your shooting skills to destroy the aliens. You will be able to choose your favorite gun so shoot down all the enemies and obstacles that stand in your way.

Wild West Adventure

Crack Shooter Mod Apk

The game will follow a group of cowboys on an adventurous journey to the wild west of the United States. They discovered many new things and found a more stable life and settled in this place. Away from the city with the hustle and bustle of life, cowboys began to roll around to gain their foothold on this land.

But then the peaceful life only lasted for a short time. Suddenly on an extraordinary day, out of nowhere, hideous creatures appeared. People don’t know where they come from, only see them crawling out of a black hole in the void.

They are very aggressive, brutal and have massacred many people of the village. Taking away so many others and destroying all the farms and houses made the place so desolate and barren that it was almost a wasteland before they arrived. You are one of the remaining survivors. Your mission is to use your gun to destroy them and rescue the survivors captured by them.

Unlock unique characters

In Crack Shooter Mod, in addition to an original fixed character, you can transform into many different cowboy characters. Because the game has an extremely massive character collection system. To own these characters, you must unlock them using bonuses to buy in the shop.

After completing a level, you will receive a certain amount of bonus. In addition, every day will also have more daily tasks to earn more rewards. You can use this money to buy new characters and many other things.

Each character is designed with many different characteristics such as personality, shape and strength. This will give players a variety of experiences in their journey to explore the wilderness and destroy monsters. Let’s combine them into a powerful squad. Use flexible switching of them in the levels to bring about victory.

Diverse gun collection

Crack Shooter Mod Apk

The virtual on-screen controls will help you dodge and roll your opponent’s bullets any way you want. Try to accumulate enough energy bar of ultimate skill to easily wipe out enemies on the map. Use this skill at the right time when the enemy is most concentrated to finish the level quickly.

In addition, you can also combine many interesting skill combos together to optimize the amount of damage dealt. These combos will help you destroy the enemy more easily in combat. Upgrade yourself very high to increase your power and discover the full potential of the character you play.

Each character will own different guns. During a match, you can flexibly switch between characters, which means weapons will also change. It will be useful in a number of different battles. Be a smart player and use the right tactics.

Use and combine with masterful dodging skills and amazing combos that can turn you into an invincible character. Download Crack Shooter Mod Apk now to explore the Wild West and become a brave cowboy to bring peace and happiness to this beautiful land.

Download Crack Shooter Mod Apk

Crack Shooter Mod Apk

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