Cookie Carver Life Challenge Mod Apk v3.5.1 (Unlimited Money)


Cookie Carver Life Challenge Mod Apk – an attractive puzzle game developed by CASUAL AZUR GAMES with the theme of squid games. Are you ready to play your cards? Join Cookie Carver: Life Challenge! We can start this amazing game now!

Summary about Cookie Carver Life Challenge

NameCookie Carver Life Challenge
Size122 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Information about Cookie Carver Life Challenge

Cookie Carver Life Challenge Mod Apk
Cookie Carver Life Challenge Mod Apk

Cookie Carver: Life Challenge is an arcade game based on the popular South Korean TV series “The Squid Game”. Just like in the series, the player will become a participant in a large-scale battle for survival and a big cash prize.

The whole competition will be divided into six stages, including tug-of-war, cookie carving, and a “glass bridge”. In case of loss at any stage, the participant will be killed, but if he manages to reach the final and win it, he will be able to hit the jackpot.


Cookie Carver Life Challenge Mod Apk
Cookie Carver Life Challenge Mod Apk

Win every level and have a chance to win freedom and ultimate survival. Players who win at different game levels will earn attractive prizes including unlimited money.

The mini-games here are familiar to everyone. The best thing is that they are easy to learn and play. If you win a game level, you will be able to proceed to the next level and test your luck.

The Cookie Carver game comes with fun mini-games that players should participate in and win against other players. Features the all-time famous red-and-green gameplay similar to those in Netflix’s Squid Game series.

There is also a level that you play in the game of tug of war. Play other games like Find the Boss, jump on different tiles to reach the finish line, split cookies to get sketch shapes, and many more.

Interesting mini-games

Let’s start the game Cup of Candy: Challenge of Life! Win the levels and get a chance to win freedom and survive. The winners will earn attractive prizes.

Everyone already knows these games, they are easy to learn and play. If you win the first game, you can move on to the next level and try your luck. Watch! Admin is watching you. Follow the rules and you’ll be safely out of the game with your rewards.

The game comes with stunning graphics and simple controls that make the game fun to play. You need to pay attention because the big deadly girl will follow you in red light, green light. Follow the rules in other game levels and you will overcome all the challenges and win the available prizes.


Cookie Carver is one of the most exciting games where players should participate in many mini games and win the ultimate prizes. With Cookie Carver, the challenges are endless!

You will play in many game levels, you can even invite friends and family to compete in different multiplayer levels.

This game is created with amazing 3D graphics and animations. You will enjoy smooth movements and vivid game environment. The characters’ reflexes as they perform various actions are very realistic.

You will note that the minigames in this splash game come with simple yet distinct controls. For example, you just need to press stop or go in the red light, green light. Otherwise, you’ll need to move the cutter around the cookie as you cut the outlined shape. In the game of tug of war, you should constantly tap and drag on the screen to drag!

How to play

Cookie Carver Life Challenge Mod Apk
Cookie Carver Life Challenge Mod Apk

In the game Cookie Carver, you need to learn how to beat your opponent quickly and accurately. Don’t make moves that could cost you.

For example, remember that you will be disqualified in a red light game, green light if you move when the light turns red! Moreover, you will be disqualified if you can’t pull the tug. Use your character’s various abilities to maneuver and complete every challenge.

Play in Red Light, Green Light game in real time and move on to other levels where you play other epic game levels. Win every level and go up the leaderboard. Notably, all the mini-games here are intuitive and intense and thus gamers are required to be vigilant.

Cookie Carver allows players to bond with their loved ones and other players around the globe and compete in 3 on 3 team mini-games.

Personalize your characters with different skins and other wearable outfits and enhance their abilities. Show your skills and strength in survival games now!

Download Cookie Carver Life Challenge Mod Apk

You can get unlimited money playing pro games unlimited in Cookie Carver game. You will be able to use this unlimited cash to improve the overall performance of your team and continue to win multiple challenges.

Cookie Carver Life Challenge Mod Apk

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