Download Coin Shooter MOD APK v1.1.0 (Unlimited Money)


Immerse yourself in the world of money surrounded by dollars, gold coins and coins. How much money will you earn in this rich world of Coin Shooter MOD APK. Join this unique game and make as much money as possible with our characters.

Summary about Coin Shooter MOD

NameCoin Shooter
Size76 MB
Mod FeatureUnlimited Money
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Information about Coin Shooter

Coin Shooter Mod Apk
Coin Shooter Mod Apk

Coin Shooter Mod Apk – attractive casual game with a unique and idle gameplay from the developer Seikami. In the game, the player will have to repeatedly click on the screen so that the characters in the game shoot at the walls in front of them to destroy them.

Every time you shoot at the stele or the surrounding money blocks, the player will receive an amount equivalent to the damage that the stickman guys cause. Use money to recruit more people, upgrade the power of guns or add pinball balls.

In addition, players can combine stickmans of the same color together to form another stickman bigger and stronger. The combination mechanism will be in a ratio of 3:1, which means that three stickmans of the same color combine to form another stickman.

Fast-paced shooting gameplay

Coin Shooter MOD has a simple gameplay that takes place with a fast and strong pace but still brings relaxation to players. This is a great game to entertain or effectively kill time and this game does not require too much reflexes or precision at all.

Your job is just to click continuously on the screen to shoot bullets. Feel free to click on the screen, because the amount of ammunition is limitless and it doesn’t cost money to buy. But use that money to upgrade weapons and buy more gunners.

Besides, the game has a unique combo mechanic, when you can merge your soldiers to create a new stronger sniper. However, each merge will also cost a small amount proportional to the level of that gunner.

Simple, idle and unique gameplay

Coin Shooter Mod Apk
Coin Shooter Mod Apk

At the start, you only have a single shooting unit with a gun in hand. Your task in Coin Shooter is just clicking repeatedly on the screen to let the characters shoot bullets in a pre-specified direction. The surrounding objects will rotate continuously, so the fired bullets will not be able to deflect.

The damage of each bullet will earn you a corresponding amount. The more damage the bullets shoot, the more the player will receive a corresponding amount. For example, a bullet that deals 5 damage, you will receive $ 5.

The more power you upgrade, the more money you will receive. Then use the money earned to buy more units to earn more money. In general, the gameplay of the game is as simple as that, but the appeal of the game is in that.

Coin Shooter MOD APK has many challenges, so it will stimulate the player’s desire to win until the end. In addition, you can also buy more pinball balls. They will constantly bump into the spins and earn you some extra money.

Upgrade the strength of the army

Coin Shooter Hack has a very diverse upgrade system including: bullet power, buy more units, combine units and buy more pinball balls. Each type of upgrade has infinite levels until you get bored.

Use money to upgrade your army and place powerful bombs. Finally, break through with your wealth! Coin Shooter APK also has some gift boxes included in the roundabout. When you shoot down that gift box, you will receive a reward for choosing to upgrade one of the three types above.

In addition, in the game you can also upgrade quickly by watching ads. However, this is also not recommended for you because it is quite time consuming and affects your experience. Another thing is that while playing, you should turn off wifi or mobile data to avoid getting interrupted ads.

Download Coin Shooter Mod Apk

Coin Shooter Mod Apk

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