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Migration is a hot issue today. In Cloud Chasers APK, you can play a father with your daughter on the way to find the promised land.

Basic information about Cloud Chasers – Journey of Hope

Cloud Chasers APK is a role-playing game about the journey to find new lands. The migration of the two main characters must pass through many arid deserts. This is a real adventure, but does not allow you to make mistakes. That can lead to death, and thus endgame.

Cloud Chasers Game deals with topical issues: Immigration. The immigration itself is not simple, this game also somewhat reflects that. You need to do a lot of work and have a new calculation to reach the city worth living.

Cloud Chasers APK

Story of Cloud Chasers APK

Stories told in Cloud Chasers MOD don’t have too much complexity. Amelia and Francisco are father and son. After Gertrude’s wife (and mother) died, Francisco’s mission was to take her to the new land. These are the more beautiful cities where they are allowed to reside.

Of course this is the arduous journey of the father and son. You will find yourself struggling to overcome each desert sand dune. The water and food were exhausted and death always lurked at the father and son. In general, this is a touching story of motherhood.

Your play will greatly affect the trip and create different results. On the journey, you will have to find items to make the trip less heavy. You must also meet many instructors. In addition, you can also be attacked, plague, meet enemies, friends … on the go.

It all depends on how you play. Honestly, I never went to the end of the game in the standard version. This game is really not easy, requires good thinking. Of course, the challenge will reduce somewhat if the Game MOD version is installed. Of course, I still recommend that you experience the standard version in these games.

Cloud Chasers APK

How to play

Remember, if you die on a pilgrimage, you will have to start over. That is Cloud Chasers APK’s difficulty. Because it has to cross the desert, you need to consider two factors: Water and Health. You must always pay attention to these two factors. And remember, where in the desert do you find a convenience store or a public faucet.

So the question is how to get water? In Cloud Chasers, Francisco always drags a water machine. Meanwhile, his daughter Amelia will collect water from the clouds.

This game also has additional mini-games. Although that disrupts the real journey that is occupying your interest. But I believe that makes things less stressful. Going back to the main game, you need to go to the clouds as quickly as possible when there’s a chance, because the water flows very quickly. You will regret if you miss the cloud.

Along the way, you will encounter other challenges. You can check the map to see if there are many beneficial or harmful locations. There are caves, house stops, or places to camp. Each person you meet will have different effects such as helping, or robbing you…

There will be many obstacles that will prevent you from taking water. For example, a watchtower will shoot at you. Remember to be alert no matter where you are. You will have access to many transfer stations at different levels. Those are the places where you can recharge the battery for your journey.

Cloud Chasers APK

Graphics and Effects

Just like the gameplay, the game’s graphics are relatively simple, but profound. Comfortable, comfortable designs with cartoon style. That helps dispel the heat of the desert. You will be immersed in space and attracted by the journey you take.

The game is not the same as reality or divine migration, but it has created beautiful and subtle images of distant sadness. Design style plus effects really bring high efficiency. It is highly challenging and really worth playing.


Failure in early plays is unavoidable. You will be sad because of that, I used to. But after going through many challenges with Francisco and Amelia, that brings good aftertaste. This game is suitable for those who like gentle gameplay and rhythm. And I also recommend playing the standard version in this game, which will be much more interesting. Of course, I still provide under this article both: standard and game MOD APK.

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So cool and addictive

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