Download City Defense MOD APK v1.34 (Unlimited Money)


Do you want to become an exemplary police officer to protect the stability and peace of the city. Download now City Defense MOD APK to start the takeover of the city and stop the protests. Of course, it’s not enough to be alone, so gather all the police forces of the city to come and stop this onslaught.

Summary about City Defense

NameCity Defense
Size123 MB
Mod FeatureUnlimited Money
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Information about City Defense MOD

City Defense Apk
City Defense Apk

City Defense Mod Apk – interesting casual game with familiar and attractive defense gameplay from game publisher Homa. In the game, you will become the commander of the police department – which enforces the city’s justice to keep everyone safe. Let’s start your work in City Defense right now!

In City Defense there are two types of red and blue stickman characters, both trying to win. Because of the side that represents justice, your characters will be blue. These are the police, soldiers, army of the city and they know how to handle attacks and protests in the best way.

And the red stickman characters are the rebel forces. They regularly organize parades and demonstrations throughout the city to disturb and disrupt public order. They are billions of people and they are coming fast, mob evolution is happening right now, your soldiers should conquer the enemy!

Against protests protect the safety of the city

City Defense Hack Apk
City Defense Hack Apk

The city takeover has begun! Protesters are coming and protesting against the policies that the government has enacted. They are more numerous and more aggressive than ever. You need to protect this crowded city now so that everything returns to its original peaceful appearance.

To do that, you need to summon all your soldiers for help. They are the police and military personnel with the task of protecting and preserving the evolution of these mobs. They are all equipped with weapons, equipment and supplies to prevent attacks and protests against important buildings in the city.

Conquer your enemies and don’t let them protest and make a city takeover! Draw a line of defense, get your soldiers to the right place and capture or maybe destroy. The higher the level, the more enemies appear and you also get help with more advanced combat weapons such as tanks, battle machines, …

Don’t let them get on the police car, defeat means between red and green stickman, red will win, red is the enemy! So be policeman or army commander, push them all and empty this crowded city!

Upgrading defense units

City Defense Mod Apk
City Defense Mod Apk

The player’s task in City Defense Hack is to build walls and barriers to prevent enemy attacks. Each level has a finish line, which is where you protect from anyone reaching it. If you can destroy all enemies before they reach the finish line, you will complete that level.

However, when playing to a higher level, the more enemies will require your protection force to be stronger and more powerful. To achieve this, you need to use in-game gold coins to upgrade units. Units you can upgrade like wall, melee and ranged combat units.

Each upgrade will give units more life energy and power stats to make defeating enemies easier. If at the beginning of the game the man with his team was not trapped, he already has the most advanced technology to protect him from the blows of the protesters.

Upgrading will make units last longer especially frontline ones. For example, when the fence is sure to prevent it for a long time, it makes it easier for gun units to destroy the enemy. As time goes on, guns will also transform from pistols to machine guns.

Create the right defensive strategies

City Defense Mod Apk
City Defense Mod Apk

Each level will be completely different challenges. For example, in specific terrains and architectures, for example, there will be different areas to be protected. So you need to create the best defensive strategies. You must arrange defense forces in key areas to destroy all enemy troops, not to let a single name slip through.

The outcome of the game depends entirely on where exactly you place the police to protect. Therefore, it is important that you arrange your security forces around scientifically. In addition, after killing the enemy, you will also receive more energy to recruit more police to strengthen your defense.

The ideal strategy would be to set up some solid defensive airstrips to hold the enemy longer and put infantry and gunners behind. That will help destroy the enemy quickly and simply. Don’t forget about energy. Cops cannot be replenished continuously, so use resources wisely.

How to play City Defense

City defense is the top priority that you need to take care of. Don’t let the enemies invade the town and take the city, billions of red and blue stick soldiers, but we will draw the best defense and destroy the mob evolution!

You must choose the right tactics for your army deployment to deal with the approaching hordes of enemies. To think through the whole strategy will take a lot of time. So, conquer one step at a time and then you will also succeed.

You must carefully calibrate each level if you want to progress further in City Defense MOD. With a small initial capital, you can purchase several units. Try to interact with your basic abilities and then it will be much easier to choose development tactics.

If you do everything carefully, meticulously and accurately, then killing the enemy and winning will come to you simply. In addition, when completing any level, you will have to fight the final monster called the boss. It has stronger characteristics, but at the same time slower, so the chance to kill is also very high.

Download City Defense Mod Apk

City Defense Mod Apk

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