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Tencent is one of the leading mobile game developers and publishers in China. Recently, the corporation owns WeChat, the number one social network in China, has launched consecutive strategic games such as Auto Chess, Dota Underlords, and Chess Rush Mobile … In particular, Chess Rush is one of the their most successful game.

Chess Rush Tencent has a very familiar gameplay, mechanism, art style and units. It is no stranger to anyone who has ever played other titles in this genre. Therefore, Chess Rush Mobile is considered strange, but very familiar.

Chess Rush Mobile

Game Play of Chess Rush

This cult title of Tencent was released just a few days ago (July 4, 2019). Tencent also officially launched Chess Rush on both of the most popular operating systems. These are Chess Rush Android and Chess Rush for iOS. Chess Rush owns over 50 generals for players to participate in “Dignity Chess” matches in 8v8 mode.

Each match in Chess Rush Mobile is still a competition of 8 players together. The winner is the one who overcame the other 7 people. The highlight of Chess Rush is quick play. The duration of each match is only about 10 minutes. According to reviews, this is the most reasonable time when participating in a “Dignity Chess” match on mobile.

Chess Rush Mobile

New features of Chess Rush Mobile

In addition to the traditional Classic Mode, Chess Rush Mobile has two new game modes. That is Turbo Mode and Co-op Mode. That helps players have more interesting experiences.

With Turbo Mode, experience points and Mana Crystals (used to buy generals and experience points) are duplicated. At the same time the player’s starting blood amount will be 60 instead of 100. It will help shorten the duration of matches. Co-op Mode allows you to form a team with other players to confront other teams.

The general system in this mobile game is also diverse with 52 generals, 12 races and 9 generations. Most generals are like Auto Chess. This mobile game is currently compatible with devices using Android 4.1 and iOS 10.0 and above.

Chess Rush Mobile


If you are a fan of strategy games in general and “Dignity Chess” in particular. You definitely shouldn’t ignore Chess Rush Mobile. This game just came out really hot. In fact, players still have experiences like the Costume map Dota Auto Chess.

Since this is a very new game, there is currently no MOD APK version for Android. I will update you soon when I find this version. But really, in my opinion, in this kind of strategy game, we don’t need to play the MOD version. Moreover, like Auto Chess, if there is a MOD, it will not play the Interactive mode. You can Download Chess Rush from Google or iOS by following the link below.

Download Chess Rush Android
Download Chess Rush for iOS

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