Catch And Shoot Mod Apk

Download Catch And Shoot Mod Apk 1.5 (Unlimited Money, No Ads)

Catch And Shoot Mod Apk – attractive sport and entertainment game from VooDoo with simple graphics and dynamic gameplay. With the Mod Apk version of Catch and Shoot, players will get unlimited coins to freely buy the items they like.

Summary about Catch and Shoot

Name Catch and Shoot
Publisher VOODOO
Genre Sport
Graphics 2D
Size 55 MB
Request Android 4.4 and up
Mod Feature Unlimited Money, No Ads

Information about Catch and Shoot

Catch And Shoot Mod Apk

Catch And Shoot Mod Apk

Rugby is one of the popular sports in the US and a few other countries around the world. Inspired by this sport, VOODOO developed a game called Catch And Shoot. They brought a new approach that was loved by a lot of people. Catch And Shoot mod apk is a casual time-killer with simple graphics and dynamic gameplay.

The player will control a team of heroes who must deliver the ball through the obstacle course. For this you need to run forward and from time to time to pass a shell the character who is in a better position. To complicate the process will try the numerous enemies that will attack and try to take the ball away. The successful achievement of the finish will earn points that will be used to purchase different skins.

Overcome opponents and obstacles

Catch And Shoot Mod Apk

Catch And Shoot Mod Apk

In the first few levels of Catch and Shoot it is quite easy to play. There are hardly many obstacles and opponents, so you don’t have to play in a hurry. But then, problems began to appear. The first is the opponent. They wear yellow vests, tend to approach to stop you and your team members from reaching the finish line.

Then, you need to avoid them or throw the ball to other teammates. Common obstacles are the wire mesh. If you hit the net, your teammates will not be able to receive the ball. As a result, you have to play that level again. This kind of obstacle is quite difficult to deal with.

To get through it, you will have to wriggle to find a space large enough and have a straight trajectory to where your teammates are, then you can throw it to him. Catch And Shoot is a fairly fast-paced game. Even if you leave your opponent behind, they will always chase you. So don’t hesitate, pass the ball to other teammates as quickly as possible.

Play ball on top of tall buildings

Catch And Shoot Mod Apk

Catch And Shoot Mod Apk

Have you ever thought you would be playing sports on high-rise rooftops? With Catch and Shoot, you will experience that feeling right on your mobile device. In Catch And Shoot, you will control a group of athletes and try to bring the rugby ball to the finish. The rules are the same as regular rugby.

However, the field is no longer professional animal fields. Instead, you will throw rugby balls on the rooftops of tall buildings in the city. Starting the game, you will keep the ball in your hand. After moving around and looking to find the best pitch. When you let go of your hand, the character will throw the ball in the direction indicated with the target of your teammates in the opposite building.

If a teammate catches the ball, he will continue to run and pass the ball to other teammates, until the ball crosses the finish line. If you miss, the game is over and you have to start all over again. You will receive rewards corresponding to your achievements. If you play better, you can get bonus double, triple, five times or more. This depends on accuracy and a little bit of luck.

How to play Catch and Shoot

Sometimes, your teammates can stand fairly close together. If you feel around the person in front is surrounded by many opponents, you can throw the ball to the person behind. The ball will follow a certain trajectory in a downward curve, so don’t try to pitch if the distance is too far.

Because if you do that you can lose the ball. Enemies can also clear the ball or more accurately make them out of their trajectory. Therefore, you should not make a direct throw to the opponent if you do not want to have to play again. Finally the coins are on the way. Not only are they bonuses you can collect, but they also tend to be in a trajectory towards your teammates. If you have a chance, throw the ball in the direction of the coins!

Download Catch and Shoot Mod Apk

Video Gameplay Catch And Shoot Mod Apk

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