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Bullet Echo Mod Apk – action role-playing game in the attractive survival shooting style. Where you will form a team with your friends and fight together to become the last survivor. With beautiful cartoon graphics and unique character design, Bullet Echo will bring you many interesting experiences.

Summary about Bullet Echo

NameBullet Echo
Size145 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Information about Bullet Echo

Bullet Echo Mod Apk
Bullet Echo Mod Apk

Bullet Echo is a game that follows the genre of survival shooting action (Battle Royale) that is very popular today, allowing players to team up with friends or other players. Bullet Echo is a game published and developed by ZeptoLab. This game has received the Google Play Best of 2020 award.

Bullet Echo has a fun 2.5D graphics background along with a top-down shooter gameplay. This will make gamers think of previous successful games like Hotline Miami or RUINER… Of course, Bullet Echo also has its own unique features.

In addition to a massive character system, each character owning their own set of unique skills that players can unlock, Bullet Echo is also attractive by its diverse map. This makes players have to work closely with teammates to become the last survivors.


Bullet Echo Mod Apk
Bullet Echo Mod Apk

Present yourself as a person with many unique strategic ideas. Bullet Echo gives you many options to be able to survive each match. Choose the best character, upgrade your ability to become the strongest.

Team up with friends or other players to create a team that can crush every opponent in its path with its power. Choose those with the most incredible physical or magical abilities. Only then can you achieve high results when occupying key positions in the rankings.

As a Battle Royale game, Bullet Echo will still have a solo mode or team up with other players. Your most important goal is to be the last survivor or team on the map. ZeptoLab still did not forget to include the BO or loot circle mechanism in this game so that players do not feel too strange compared to other Battle Royale games.

Weapon system and characters

Bullet Echo has a diverse and free weapon system like other Battle Royale games. Bullet Echo’s firing mechanism is fully automatic. So you just need to control the gun in the direction you specify and the gun will fire by itself.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that the game has 2 movement modes: slow and fast. If you move fast, both make enemies detect you, and make bullets fly around and hit the target. Besides, moving slowly will help you hide better.

You can improve your fighter by regular training and special cards. Training makes warriors stronger and healthier.

In addition, you can perform some transformations with cards – an ordinary soldier becomes a legend. Your hero can become much stronger than normal warriors. It is possible to improve the normal character to such a state, but it is very difficult.

How to play

Bullet Echo Mod Apk
Bullet Echo Mod Apk

You and your teammates must be calm, quick, and quick in Bullet Echo to be able to overcome other opponents. Just one mistake of being absorbed in looting, you and even your teammates will pay the price in Bullet Echo.

The game requires players to be highly focused because there will be no room for mistakes when fighting in Bullet Echo

Bullet Echo will have a top-down view instead of a first or third-person perspective like other Battle Royale games. However, this perspective will not allow the player to cover the entire map because there will be dark corners around.

The player will only see what lies in the light of the flashlight. This will prevent you from knowing who attacked you and not being able to see your surroundings. So you always have to be careful in every step.

Due to the top-down viewing angle, the player’s viewfinder will be replaced by a red light strip, within range of the flashlight. Each weapon will have a different red range, representing the range your gun can shoot.

Bullet Echo takes place in various locations. You can move around the map, explore a new area. It is important not to let the enemy reveal themselves, so you need to apply all stealth or bring a suitable hero with a special ability to the team.

Download Bullet Echo Mod Apk

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Bullet Echo Apk

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