Download Bucket Crusher Mod Apk v1.2 (Unlimited Diamond, No Ads)


Bucket Crusher Mod Apk is an unlimited entertainment game with attractive and unique gameplay from the developer VooDoo. In this game you will be using a chainsaw capable of crushing everything to break the solid shoe walls and enjoy many different levels of play.

Summary about Bucket Crusher

NameBucket Crusher
Size103 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Introduction about Bucket Crusher

Bucket Crusher Mod Apk
Bucket Crusher Mod Apk

Currently, there are many attractive free entertainment games on the Google Play store that you can download and play right away. One of the most attractive games is Bucket Crusher. When participating in Bucket Crusher, you will be equipped with a special vehicle with a giant saw blade and go to destroy walls, buildings and many other structures.

Although the gameplay of Bucket Crusher is quite simple, it attracts great attention from players around the world. The best proof is that it has only appeared for a short time, but Bucket Crusher has received more than 1 million downloads on Google Play.

Your job in Bucket Crusher is to destroy walls and make money from them. It sounds simple, but it will take you quite a while. Because to destroy an entire wall you will have to have enough gas, enough height and a big saw blade.

The gameplay in Bucket Crusher

Bucket Crusher Mod Apk

The gameplay of Bucket Crusher is simply touching the screen and moving your finger. But tearing down a wall will not be easy. Because when starting a new level you will need to upgrade the blade length, fuel and blade speed from the beginning. And that takes a lot of time.

As I’ve played through Bucket Crusher before and I recommend you download the Bucket Crusher MOD Apk version. This version will give you unlimited money and turn off the very annoying ads when playing. Bucket Crusher Mod will help you experience the game in the best way.

Bucket Crusher has dozens of different levels. The common point is that everything goes to the destruction of structures made of different materials, substances and metals. The more buildings you destroy, the more money you get. The money received will be used to upgrade your new vehicles and items.

As you progress through each level, the difficulty will gradually increase and it will get more and more difficult. So you need to upgrade your machines more. The game has many levels available but the amount of fuel is limited, so you have to use your wits to find a way to destroy as many as possible.

Here, you can freely upgrade different stats such as fuel, length, strength and size. There will be many different ways of destroying buildings for example you can start from the top, methodically breaking bricks gradually. Or destroy from the bottom up to optimize the power of the saw blade.

Upgrade your crusher

Bucket Crusher Mod Apk

Bucket Crusher gives you a crushing machine with spikes at the top. It will assist you in destroying walls. As I said above, the complexity of the levels will increase over time. This means you need to upgrade your bulldozer.

There are 4 types of engines that you can upgrade: crane length, fuel tank, machine speed and size of the saw blade. When you accumulate enough coins, upgrade them to break more walls and get more coins.

In general, upgrading is all important. Because that will increase the scale of destruction. Also, pay attention to the fuel tank in the left corner of the screen, it tends to run out in this game. If your chainsaw has no fuel, it won’t be able to work.

If you do not have much time to play and do not want to see many ads while playing, download Bucket Crusher Mod Apk. Because when playing this version, you will have unlimited money to freely upgrade to your liking and in addition while playing there will not be any ads at all.

Many levels

Bucket Crusher Mod Apk

There are many buildings that you can destroy in Bucket Crusher. Over time, you’ll unlock interesting buildings with fun shapes and structures. Initially at Level 1 will be just a small and fragile picture, to Level 2 the next will be a giant pear, Level 3 will be a dog, Level 4 is a statue of the goddess of liberty and many works. Another famous show.

Different buildings have different structures and appearances, so the approach to their destruction must also be different. As the level progresses, the buildings will get more and more, so you will need even more dexterity and an even cooler looking machine. Focus on earning money to upgrade everything that will get you through this game.

This is a beautifully animated game. The game is in 2D and you can enjoy the smooth animations it has. Here, you can have fun because there are many interesting and unique things.

Download Bucket Crusher Mod Apk

Bucket Crusher Mod Apk

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