Download Bridge Race MOD APK 3.2.1 (Unlimited Coins)


Bridge Race Mod Apk is a casual entertainment game released by Supersonic Studio with the popular bridge building theme. In Bridge Race, players collect items of your own color, placing them on a bridge of your choice. And don’t let others build on your bridge!

Summary about Bridge Race

Name Bridge Race
Publisher Supersonic Studio
Genre Casual
Graphics 2D
Size 60 MB
Request Android 4.4 and up
Mod Feature Unlimited Coins

Information Bridge Race

Bridge Race Mod Apk

Bridge Race Mod Apk

If you are looking for a unique racing game, try Bridge Race today! This is a unique racing game that allows you to collect your own bricks to cross the first bridge today! Bridge Race MOD APK – another variation on the popular theme of building bridges.

In general, this project is not much different from the numerous analogues, but the developers have tried to maximize the quality of the popular physical puzzle, to present it in its interpretation. And so, your main task in Bridge Race mod apk all the same will be to build a bridge over the gorge, look for blocks faster than your opponents, and build the first his bridge to win the race!

Bridge building game

There have been many racing games produced over the years. From car racing games to even marathons, there are plenty of them to choose from. But if you’re looking for something extra, then this is the perfect place for you. Bridge Race is a racing game that allows you to collect your own colored bricks so you can cross the bridge and win! If this sounds easy, wait until you know that there is an enemy!

You will compete against 3 other players at the same time in this game and they might damage your bridge or bump into you! Be careful not to crash into any of them so that you cannot drop the bricks you have collected. Then, you need to be quick and quick if you want to win.


Bridge Race Mod Apk

Bridge Race Mod Apk

In Bridge Race, you will race in creating a bridge first so you can cross other platforms while competing with 3 other players. Here, you need to collect your own colored bricks!

All players including you will collect bricks that will be randomly placed on the floor. Pay attention to the way to avoid hitting any other players so your tiles won’t fall off. If you do not want to be last in the race, then you need to have a clear strategy before starting the race.

This is because other players can place their bricks on your bridge and vice versa. This is why you want to collect all the bricks available first or take them one step at a time. Finally, the number of players will decrease one by one as you go up the platforms until there is only one player left!

A unique racing game

Racing game is always an interesting choice for those who love to compete with others. Whether by car or on foot, this is the fastest way to prove your worth. But if this bothers you, it’s time to try something new today! Released by Supersonic Studios, Bridge Race is a unique racing game that allows you to race against others by creating bridges. However, you will need to collect blocks of the same color in order to be able to go up the bridge and onto another platform.

After that, the player gradually decreases as you reach the top until only one winner remains. This is a fun game to play because you are racing against others but it is not necessarily against time. Sure, you need to be quick, but you also need a strategy here if you don’t want to be left behind. You can bump into other people or bring your blocks to a player near another platform.

How to play

In Bridge Race, you will play against 3 other players to compete for the top position. You can choose your own brick color that you will need to collect in different platforms. Here, you can only collect bricks of your color. This is also true for other players as they will be racing to collect as many bricks as possible. You will then need to release them to create a bridge that allows you to travel to another platform. Do this 3 times to win!

In games like these, there’s usually not much to do but play. However, there are also plenty of customizations that Bridge Race offers. Here, you can collect and buy many different skins for you to enjoy. There are basic ones, then, there are also others with different genders and styles. Overall, there are a ton of skins available to try and enjoy today.

You can also choose from different and custom blocks! Buy the best ones so you can collect them today. While they won’t do much, they look great. You can also change the colors you need to collect in the game.

Download Bridge Race Mod Apk

Bridge Race Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins)

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