Boxing Star Mod Apk 3.0.2 (Full Level, Stats, Unlimited Money)


Boxing Star Mod Apk – Simulation sports game with continuous action developed by FourThirtyThree Inc. The game is released on both Android and iOS platforms. Since its launch, Boxing Star has had more than 10 million downloads on Google Play.

Summary about Boxing Star

Name Boxing Star
Publisher FourThirtyThree Inc
Genre Sport
Version 3.0.2
Size 84 MB
Request Android 5.0 and up
Mod Features Full Level, Stats, Unlimited Money

Introduce about Boxing Star

Boxing Star Mod Apk

Boxing Star Mod Apk

Boxing Star is an attractive simulation game for sports enthusiasts, especially boxing. Boxing Star will entertain you and relieve stress. The game’s 3D graphics are rated at a good level, although not too prominent compared to many other games of the same genre.

In Boxing Star, players will make a rather long journey. At the beginning of the game, you are just a street fighter then step by step become a world leader. This game has a lot of different competition modes such as Story mode, League mode to fight directly with other fighters.

In addition, the publisher FourThirty Three also equips the defense by dodging the opponent’s punches. To do this, combine a custom glove with a powerful punch. In particular, Boxing Stars also supports online combat. Players can interact with other players around the world.

How to play

Boxing Star Mod Apk

Boxing Star Mod Apk

Your goal is to be the champion in this game. However to do that you will have to fight against other stars to win. Start with weak opponents, then you will fight to conquer stronger, and strongest opponents. You will start this game by choosing 1 of 3 body types and entering a nickname.

At the beginning of the journey, the system will guide you and you only need to observe, then perform a fight with two heavyweights The Grave and Joe the King. Through the tutorial, you will learn some basic techniques such as hooks, dodges, body balance, and some other typical movements.

The way to control the character is also quite simple. Every time you want to throw a punch, you just need to click on the specified target. Specify the swap in the direction you want when making the hook, be it right or left. Simply scan up or scan down. This game allows players to interact more than control. You can make many different moves to unleash your creativity during combat.

Become a star in the boxing village

Boxing Star Mod Apk

Boxing Star Mod Apk

Boxing Star Mod Apk is designed quite simply. The main activity of Boxing Star is divided into 2 game modes. Game modes in the game include story mode and tournament mode.

In story mode, you will perform assigned tasks to develop your character from the most basic level. Each match is a challenge that you must overcome to continue the journey. The task list will appear prominently in the corner of the screen. Through this list, you will in turn conquer 4 legendary tournaments in history and try to achieve the highest ranking.

In tournament mode, you will compete with other players in real time for the championship and many other exciting rewards. Your opponent will be randomly selected worldwide. If you win, you will receive valuable items that increase the strength and stats of your character.


At the beginning of the game, your character will appear in a simple outfit and optional gloves. There are three outfits to choose from, but don’t worry if you make the wrong choice. You can fully customize it after entering the game.

The graphics of this game are quite eye-catching because everything is in 3D. Players can also comfortably dress their character in any outfit. Moreover, after each victory, you will get more clothes.

The character system in Story mode also has lifelike movements. The producer staged them according to the script during the battle. Initially, you can easily win, but later on, the difficulty level increases. However, this is your chance to improve your boxing so it will be fun!

Features of the game

  • Watch your fighter grow from an amateur fighter to a Boxing Star in Story Mode!
  • Gear up, hone your Continuity Skills, and take down 셞m with a Mega Punch!
  • Collect and equip the Gauntlet of Power to unlock a fierce Mega punch!
  • Find the best combinations for your Skill Sets and Item to suit your fighting style!
  • Battle other players in Tournaments, as well as advance in Leagues and Leaderboards!
  • Win trophies and cash to buy Beautiful Houses, luxury cars and Entourage. All of which will make your friends jealous, while also bringing you rewards!

Download Boxing Star Mod Apk

Boxing Star Mod Apk (Full Level, Stats, Unlimited Money)

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