Download Boom Slingers Mod Apk v2.5.0 (Unlimited Money)


Boom Slingers Mod Apk – exciting and dramatic multiplayer action game from the developer Boom Corp for Android devices. In which players will be involved in extremely intense 1vs1 battles with players around the world to find the best. Are you ready to be the best player in Boom Slingers?

Summary about Boom Slingers

NameBoom Slingers
PublisherBoom Corp
Size190 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Introduce about Boom Slingers

Boom Slingers Apk

Boom Slingers Mod Apk is an action and strategy card game that lets you engage in physics-based 1v1 battles with players around the world. This is an online multiplayer game so when you play you can socialize with friends or strangers from all over the world.

Boom Slingers is an explosive turn-based action game! Battle with other Slingers. Collect weapons, characters and emotes. Boom Slingers was launched globally in December 2020 and has over 2 million players since launch! It has an active Discord channel, +8000 people, and excellent reviews on the App Stores.

The battles in game will take place in turn on the playing field, reminiscent of the duels of the legendary Worms. The only difference is that instead of fighting with worms, you will have to fight in the arena with deadly battles. There are trans-dimensional beings called Slingers that travel the world and take possession of them.

Gameplay of Boom Slingers Apk

Slingers are tiny creatures that fly through different dimensions. In Boom Slingers, they are brought to and explore our universe through epic 1v1 battles. No one knows where they come from, but one thing is for sure, they will fight until the end of time.

You will be the one who controls them to fight other Slingers who are also controlled by another player. There are many battles going on around the globe to find the best players. And if you want to become the best player, then register for the ranked tournament in Boom Slingers Apk now.

Defeat your opponents with the help of cards, each representing a specific weapon. Throw bombs, throw knives and boomerangs at your opponents. Ignite with lasers and radioactive projectiles. Attack with bulls, war horses and brutal chickens. Try to physically destroy enemies or throw them off the platform.

To attack, you must wait your turn, pick a card with a weapon, and aim it using mechanics from the Angry Birds project. Launch the weapon into a deadly flight according to the principle of the slingshot, i.e. the charge is also deadly for your character, so be very careful and careful.

How to play Boom Slingers

The Boom Slingers Playground is a miniature piece of land with peculiar terrain that acts as a natural cover and often prevents enemies from shooting directly. It should also be noted that the platform is gradually flooded and can also be destroyed, so it will be quite accurate to split the area of ​​​​the earth under the enemy with a precise shot to bring him to the ancestors.

Battles in Boom take place in turn, each side will have a turn to deal damage to the enemy. The battle will end when one of the two sides has health down to 0. Physics and Bullet time effect (visual deception effect makes the viewer feel that the people and surrounding scenery are both motionless and only there is a camera circling around the subject like time is slowing down).

The battles will be very fast and you must combine your skills to defeat your opponent before he does this to you. You can find all kinds of weapons scattered throughout the universe. There are more than 40 unique weapons for you to collect including laser guns, grenade throws, and hit enemies with a classic baseball bat.

There are more than 70 different characters for you to collect. Build your team with unique hats and characters. Boom Slingers has an optional mode that allows you to play with friends with a variety of maps. In addition, every week there will be big events with many exclusive prizes. Join to show your talent and win valuable rewards.

Download Boom Slingers Mod Apk

Boom Slingers Apk

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