Boom Karts Mod Apk

Download Boom Karts Mod Apk v1.6.2 (Unlock All Car, Free Chest)

Boom Karts Mod Apk – exciting and exciting real-time online multiplayer PVP racing game. Where players will have the opportunity to participate in intense car races but no less fun. Race to the finish line and become the best kart racer. Boom Karts is a game published and developed by Fingersoft.

Summary about Boom Karts

NameBoom Karts
Size170 MB
RequestAndroid 6.0 and up

Information about Boom Karts

Boom Karts Mod Apk
Boom Karts Mod Apk

Racing is one of the favorite sports. Racing games are no exception. Racing games are a game genre with the largest number of players in the world. Boom Karts is a new racing game released by Fingersoft.

In this game there are many great racers and many want to be the champion of the tournament. Every year, many races are held with many attractive prizes. This game has inherited the best of the previous generation games and added some improvements to make the game even better.

Boom Karts Mod Apk is a free online multiplayer PVP kart racing game. Race your rivals to the victory podium or overcome challenges to earn your bragging rights.

Challenge your friends to real-time multiplayer races with custom lobbies and create race rules. Upgrade and customize your karts and racers with items earned through gameplay.

Multiplayer racing game

Boom Karts Mod Apk
Boom Karts Mod Apk

In the past, players often played against AI or a few of their friends to share experiences. But for this game, all players participating in the game are real people, all will race Karts to win.

Compared to racing with AI-controlled NPCs, racing against players will be very difficult to win. AI does not have the ability to think and adapt like humans to handle each situation, but humans can.

So racing against other players will be a lot more complicated, but this will push the game’s competitiveness as high as possible. If it is too easy, the game will become boring, but the more difficult, the more players conquer it, the more fun it is. So despite many difficulties and challenges, the game still attracts many players to participate.


Boom Karts Mod Apk
Boom Karts Mod Apk

Races happen in real time, so you’ll always be right in the frenetic action! Perfect driving isn’t enough – enter the competition with an extensive arsenal of bombs, soaps, peppers and other crazy weapons and power-ups!

Create your own custom lobbies where you can pit your skills against your friends in frantic PVP kart races. In Boom Karts, driving silk and racing well is not enough because the race track is very long.

The game also needs you to be a marksman. Shooting opponents and blowing the roof of other players’ cars is the ultimate goal that you need to accomplish. The arsenal in Boom Karts is also in the “high” category such as bombs, soap, peppers, pepper … everything in the world can make an opponent suffer when hit.

Remember that other players will not stand still, but whatever you do, they can do it. Even in multiplayer or against AI. You will have to use all kinds of skills, combine your ability to drive gracefully with spectacular East and West strikes to hit neighboring cars, and “paralyze” your opponents.

Use support items

Boom Karts Mod Apk
Boom Karts Mod Apk

In this game, skill alone is not enough for you to win. Players need to have a little bit of tricks and specialized tools to be able to be the first. At specific locations in the game, certain places will be equipped with boxes containing items for players to use.

Players can receive them randomly when touching the wooden box. Things that the player will receive like bombs that can change the player explode, and you will pass. Soap, the player can spread these on the track for the opponent to touch it and have an accident.

All these items can give players a lot of benefits so you can take advantage of it and become the best player. But if the player can attack the opponent, then the exact opposite is also that the opponent can attack to eliminate you. Players need to know how to dodge the opponent’s attacks to be able to overcome the opponent.

Characters and racing cars

The vehicle cannot move on its own, so it needs a driver to control it. You are a racer to be able to control the car. Creating a character is the first thing players need to do to participate in the race. Players come to the game; you can choose any model that you like to start the game.

Players can customize skin color, outfit, hairstyle and more to get the person they want. With just a few simple taps and swipes, you can get your favorite character.

Karts is the soul of this series of games for players to experience. There are many different vehicles that the player can use and take you to the finish line. Initially, the game only provided players with standard karts so they could race.

But players can earn more coins to unlock more cars. To unlock new cars, players need to meet some conditions that the game offers. Although it will take some time to do it, it will be well worth it when you have a good car.

To be able to become faster, the game has provided players with vehicle upgrades. Players will use the money earned to upgrade the cars and make them more powerful. Besides, the game also has the feature to customize the appearance of the vehicle to make it unique.

Download Boom Karts Mod Apk

Boom Karts Mod Apk
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Download Boom Karts Mod Apk v1.6.2 (Unlock All Car, Free Chest)

Boom Karts Mod Apk