Download Battery Run Mod Apk v7.8 (Unlimited Money)


Battery Run Mod Apk – an attractive obstacle racing style action game from the developer VooDoo. This is a fun game with simple gameplay that will surely make you play all day without getting bored. Download Battery Run Mod Apk now to your phone and play it right away.

Summary about Battery Run

NameBattery Run
PublisherImperia Online JSC
Size95 MB
RequestAndroid 6.0 and up

Introduce about Battery Run

Battery Run Mod Apk
Battery Run Mod Apk

Battery Run Mod Apk – exciting obstacle racing game for Android devices. In this game, the task for you is to race on a road strewn with batteries and obstacles.

Obstacles include: game machine, robot, saw blade, … You will have to avoid them and collect as many energy batteries as possible to win more diamonds at the end of the level.

You should collect as many batteries as possible to finish the level with more rewards. The gameplay sounds simple, but the game requires your intelligence and speed. You have to be careful to avoid and pass all the obstacles on the way.

This is a very fun game to play at your leisure and relax. The game offers players a lot of rewards while playing. You can unlock different tracks, environments and characters as you play the game.

Gameplay Battery Run

Battery Run Mod Apk

This game is about speed and energy battery collection. The more pins you collect, the more points and bonuses you get. If you go off course or collide with an obstacle, you may lose some or all of your collected pins.

On the track, various power-ups can help you win your race. The game is thrilling, and you won’t be able to put it down!

To upgrade the number of batteries and energy to overcome the obstacles, you must power them to pave the way for you. As such, you must have collected enough batteries to power every obstacle along the way.

For example, if on the way you encounter an obstacle that requires 5 batteries to unlock, you must have more than 5 batteries collected! In case you do not have enough pins, you will lose.

The game offers different race tracks and environments so that players do not get bored. The game also features a variety of unlockable content that the user can access as they progress in the game.

Exciting and exciting races

Battery Run Mod Apk

Battery Run has a very simple gameplay with a nice and easy to navigate interface. Just swipe left and right of the screen to control your character. As long as you avoid obstacles on the way.

You can also change the game’s settings to adjust to your preferences. For example, mute the vibration or turn off the sound for more comfortable gaming. In addition, while playing, you can also pause and resume playing whenever you like.

The game is an extremely interesting and exciting race that takes you back to your childhood with robots, controls, fans or video game machines.

This game gives players a rewarding experience. It’s one of those games where you can come back enthusiastic. This game is simple but addictive. Great graphics and easy to navigate user interface. You can control the game with just a few taps on the screen.

Features in game

Battery Run Mod Apk

Battery Run has many different maps corresponding to different racing environments. Each level, you will experience a different location such as the runway or the desert.

The interface is beautiful and the way to navigate and control the character is extremely simple. This makes it easy for players to get used to the gameplay of the game. From there, get a great experience with Battery Run Mod Apk.

After each level, the player will receive a reward of diamonds and it will depend on the number of pins collected. That is, the more pins you earn, the more diamonds you will receive. Diamonds will be used to upgrade in-game objectives.

The game has a gentle sound system, true to the nature of an entertainment game. Create a feeling of comfort and relaxation for players every time they play. The sound of the game will keep you hooked and make the experience more thrilling.


Battery Run Mod Apk is an attractive and interesting entertainment game for Android devices. With addictive simple gameplay, Battery Run will make you unable to take your eyes off the screen. Beautiful graphics and relaxing sounds help you play the game in the most comfortable way.

The game offers a lot of rewards for players every time they pass the level. This money cannot be exchanged for real money, but only used to upgrade stats in the game such as: the number of starting batteries, energy and diamonds received more.

Download now Battery Run Mod Apk to your phone and experience moments of fun!

Download Battery Run Mod Apk

Battery Run Mod Apk

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