Download Aquarium Land MOD APK v1.52 (Unlimited Money)


Aquarium Land Mod APK – a business simulation game with the theme of building an aquarium released by HOMA GAMES. In the game, the player will become a boss of an aquarium with many different species of sea creatures. Let’s build an aquarium park in your own style and make a lot of money from it.

Summary about Aquarium Land

NameAquarium Land
Size60 MB
RequestAndroid 6.0 and up

Information about Aquarium Land

Aquarium Land Mod APK

If you are a business enthusiast and love aquatic creatures, especially sea creatures, play now Aquarium Land MOD APK. Aquarium Land is an extremely attractive and fun arcade game with bright and playful images.

In the game, you will be both in the role of a boss and in the role of an employee. When you will have to go and catch fish or other creatures living in the sea by yourself and then bring it back to raise in a glass tank. Then you will open the door, sell tickets to the visitors for them to visit the aquarium.

The game will bring moments of relaxation and provide simple gameplay. The game has 2D graphics and cute animations. The controls are easy and accessible for newbies. Your goal in Aquarium Land MOD Apk is to build the aquarium into the biggest and most successful attraction.

Coming to Aquarium Land APK, you can enjoy swimming in the sea to collect different types of fish and sea creatures. As the aquarium grows more, you need to expand the aquarium with many mysterious animals in the sea to let the visitors feel more curious and come to visit more. This will greatly increase your income.

Gameplay in Aquarium Land

Aquarium Land Mod APK
Aquarium Land Mod APK

At the beginning of the game, you will start with a small aquarium with only certain species of fish. As you progress in the game, you will have more upgrades such as expanding the aquarium, adding more fish species, adding more tanks. This is a business game so your end goal will still be to make a lot of money.

The fish when raised in the tank will have a strange environment, so you must take care of them to keep them healthy. This will involve feeding them daily and cleaning their tank regularly. When they grow up healthy will beautify your aquarium and contribute to attracting more tourists to visit.

As your aquarium grows, you will need to earn more money to buy tanks and add more fish. You can make money by selling tickets to visitors. The number of guests you get will depend on the quality of your aquarium. So you must ensure that your aquarium is clean and has a wide variety of fish to attract guests.

Swim, collect fish, expand your aquarium. Collect mysterious sea animals. Invest in your Aquarium Park and explore the sea. Meet the needs of visitors to discover new things by expanding and adding more unique and new species of creatures.

Collect many species of fish

Aquarium Land Mod APK

This is a business related game, so to be successful you must always change and develop your aquarium. Make sure that your aquarium will never stop expanding and keep adding more fish species. The more fish you have, the more money you can earn.

There are many species of living things in the ocean. It will include fish of all shapes and sizes such as clownfish, swordfish, and pomfret. Or large species like sharks, dolphins, whales and sharks. And there are also special creatures such as turtles, octopuses, jellyfish, …

You can also buy a variety of fish from the store. Each fish species has its own appearance and behavior, so there will be many different ways to care for it. You must take care of your fish and make sure they are always happy.

Each mission will require you to find different species. When you own many of these marine species, you will be able to develop your aquarium more quickly. All visitors will be able to admire your collection. Bringing the reputation of the aquarium to par with the great sites of the world.

Sell ​​tickets to visitors

Aquarium Land Mod APK

Of course, when the reputation is high, many tourists will come to visit. Each visit will pay you a certain amount of money to help you maintain the aquarium and think about expanding it. Not only come see your marine animals, they can even spend money to buy.

The proceeds from the sale of fish will also be very large for future development purposes. It should be remembered that water tanks need regular maintenance and cleaning so that there are no problems.

Feed the sea creatures and take care of them every day to stay healthy. When you maintain those jobs well, you don’t need to worry about anything anymore. Money will be something you can never stop earning from doing this.

Building a beautiful aquarium

To attract more visitors, you need to invest a lot in the design of the aquarium. Because if it is beautiful, visitors will come to check in more and sell more tickets. You can invest by buying more decorations to create new themes for the aquarium.

Create unique and novel new interfaces to make the landscape even more improved. Expand the area of ​​the aquarium, buy more tanks, collect more new species or buy them in the shop. Investing large sums of money for these will certainly never be a loss. It will help you develop more sustainably in Aquarium Land MOD APK.

Download Aquarium Land Mod Apk

Aquarium Land Mod Apk

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