Another Eden MOD APK v2.7.500 (Unlimited Money, Invincible, EXP)


About Another Eden

In the near future, believers of Japanese RPG game will surely no longer have a headache to choose a suitable RPG game when Another Eden has officially launched. Released in the US earlier this year, Another Eden has recently been released globally on June 12.

It is known that this game is by Wright Flyer Studio and released by GREE in Japan. Another Eden was first introduced in 2015. This mobile game was released for the Japanese market in April 2017. Also in 2017, Another Eden received Google’s Best of 2017 award for its unique, creative gameplay.



Another Eden’s content revolves around the story of the brothers Aldo and Feene. It is known that two brothers orphaned from a young age, grew up in the forest and were supported by an elder. From an early age, Aldo and Feene have revealed special abilities that are not available to ordinary people.

Aldo can open a door of time travel. While, Feene has the ability to make people around hibernate. However, with a young age, they still cannot control their strength.

If there were no incidents when Cyrus the Demon King captured Feene for the purpose of wiping out humanity and hegemony the world, the Aldo brothers would have a peaceful life.

In an attempt to despair because he was unable to rescue his sister, Aldo opened a portal of time that made him and all demonic corpses fall into the future 800 years later. Join Aldo in the journey to fight and rescue his sister.


Adventure in time

The highlight of Another Eden is the way to play when the player controls his character in a scene and randomly encounters with monsters. The game has no energy bar system but mainly focuses on the plot. Players will join Aldo’s journey of space and time to rescue his sister and many others from a group of bad guys.

Another Eden takes players along the flow of time through generations and explores the beautiful, vast world with companions instead of taking quests. Simple turn-based battle system, diverse gameplay, players will enjoy the battle with emotional stories throughout their journey.


Turn Attack

Though a role-playing game, Another Eden has a turn-based attack. In a match, you choose a skill or attack, and then your character will perform.

Damage is caused according to the strength your character possesses. Therefore, tactics are an important factor. You need to choose the characters that match the enemies you face.

Another Eden brings you the experience of a console game. There is no automatic mode, you have to do everything yourself. Mission system and enemies are designed in-depth by the game. Currently, the game has no PvP mode yet.


Graphics and Audio

Since its debut, fans have been able to see Another Eden as a Chrono Trigger-style product. The director for the project is Daisuke Taka while Masato Kato (Chrono Trigger) takes on the role of script production. Meanwhile, another Chrono Trigger’s “veteran” is musician Yasunori Matsuda who plays the role of music composer.


Another Eden, Another Eden is a game that includes both classic elements and exciting new features, especially with longtime RPG followers looking for a perfect choice to have. Can enjoy super food on the phone.

You can absolutely download this JRPG game right from now. In the framework of this article, I still provide link down standard version (on both iOS and Android). In addition, I also provide Game MOD APK with the function of Infinite Money, Invinicible & EXP.

Download Another Eden MOD APK

Another Eden MOD Unlimited Money, Invincible, EXP

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Tanamachi Haru
2 years ago

Its amazing game mod apk. Tks admin

Thanh Thanh
Thanh Thanh
2 years ago

이 게임은 너희들에게 좋은가요? 나에게 리뷰를 줘

1 year ago

Thankyou very much

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