Alphabet Shooter Mod

Download Alphabet Shooter Mod Apk v1.0.4 (Unlimited Money)

Human-to-human or human-to-monster battles have become familiar to everyone. Now with Alphabet Shooter, you will be fighting letters that have evolved into special monsters.

With Alphabet Shooter MOD APK version, you will receive unlimited money to buy weapons, upgrade equipment comfortably without having to spend a lot of time to plow the game.

Summary about Alphabet Shooter

NameAlphabet Shooter
PublisherRapid Rabbit Game
Size165 MB
Mod FeatureUnlimited Money
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

About Alphabet Shooter

Alphabet Shooter Apk
Alphabet Shooter Apk

Alphabet Shooter Mod Apk – the most engaging and dramatic action, role-playing, shooting survival game from the publisher Rapid Rabbit Game. This is a first-person shooter where the player controls a character, using a gun to fight various monsters.

A special feature in this game is that the monsters will not be monsters with horror shapes, but they will have shapes of alphabets. And it is also derived from the name of this game. Will you participate in Alphabet Shooter!

There are both closed locations and large spaces with no shelter. This is very important for a shooter, because the map has to be wide and balanced to offer a lot of tactical options. The developers who managed to do this are relatively proficient.

We’re not talking about an ordinary game of hide and seek. This is the most thrilling FPS survival game where you face off against the monster Alphabet Lore or become one of them. What awaits behind those doors? Are you brave enough to make it out alive?

Become a monster hunter

Alphabet Shooter Hack Apk
Alphabet Shooter Hack Apk

Alphabet Shooter Survival FPS APK has only one game mode, this is your life and death battle. In this mode, you need to destroy all the monsters you encounter on the road with the maximum number to win this unique game.

A special feature is that you will have an infinite life, meaning that if you die 1 life, you can be resurrected and continue to fight without limiting the number of respawns. However, after respawning, the player will not be able to choose the same character, but only choose another character.

You can continue this continuously, if you have enough hero collection. After failing, that is the only way for you to continue the game, or will start from the beginning. In addition, you can also respawn for free without having to own the character that is watching ads.

However, each character can only respawn this way once. The winner is the one who still has the character to resurrect after death. In addition, it is randomly determined who you will be playing – monster or person. Depending on this, the rules of the game change.

Many levels, endless fun

Alphabet Shooter Mod Apk
Alphabet Shooter Mod Apk

Alphabet Shooter Mod Apk is a game that will become a fun and favorite way to get the thrill. Various features make the game more interesting and special. Its selection allows gamers to train their accuracy and compete to win with maximum efficiency.

You can play for yourself or join team tournaments. Customize different settings for yourself, change camouflage, weapon type, fighting style. It uses excellent graphics, offers convenient controls and has everything you need to set a personal record and take the top spot in the leaderboard.

The game has dynamic team play. You will be able to enjoy the game with three-dimensional colorful graphics at any leisure time. The interface is quite simple to manage and easy to use. Therefore, the game is suitable for all players, both experienced and beginners.

You can compete almost endlessly until you get bored. After death, the player can respawn. It is possible to emphasize the personality of your character by combining different elements of equipment and other elements. In the game, you will have access to a wide variety of weapons, equipment, masks and armor, as well as many other things.

How to play Alphabet Shooter

Alphabet Shooter Mod Apk
Alphabet Shooter Mod Apk

Drag to move, aim at enemies to destroy them. Use the map location map to spot your teammates. If you are human, use a gun or other weapon to defeat the Alphabet and Rainbow monsters. If you are a monster, go after the humans and finish them off.

Whatever role you play, you must survive to the end to win. Choose your gun or experiment with your favorite to find the one that works best. Here you will also meet a large selection of locations, you will have to fight in the streets of cities and in enclosed spaces.

Daily challenges will make the game more interesting, because winning those challenges will bring huge rewards. The value of those rewards will surely surprise you.

Alphabet Shooter Hack has great optimization capabilities. Players will get maximum emotion from what’s happening on the screen even on weak devices. In addition, the graphics here are not too good, so the game is very demanding in terms of communication.

Download Alphabet Shooter Mod Apk

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