Airport Security Mod Apk v1.4.2 (Unlimited Money, No Ads)


Airport Security Mod Apk is a casual puzzle game with unique and interesting gameplay from developer Kwalee Ltd. In this game, you will become an airport security officer and check all passengers before they board the plane. If you want to become an airport immigration officer, download Airport Security.

Summary about Airport Security

NameAirport Security
PublisherKwalee Ltd
Size93 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Introduction about Airport Security

Airport Security Mod Apk
Airport Security Mod Apk

In the current time on the Google Play store, there are many attractive free games that you can download and play right away. Among those games that stand out is the game Airport Security. When playing Airport Security Mod Apk, you will become an airport security officer with the task of checking all passengers.

Although the gameplay of Airport Security is not too complicated, it attracts great attention from players around the world. The best proof is that since its release in 2021, it has received more than 10 million downloads on Google Play.

All passengers arriving at the airport carry different luggage. You are an airport security officer so you will have to check all passengers arriving at the airport. Because they can carry a lot of dangerous items that affect the airport.

Airports are a prime location for mischief, and that’s exactly what these passengers are doing. As the official airport security force, you are the only one standing in the middle of the airport terminal and in total chaos.

Gameplay in Airport Security

Airport Security Mod Apk

In Airport Security Mod Apk, your job will include checking passports, bags, interrogating passengers,… There are many interesting features that you can unlock, such as new outfits. . The game is designed with many levels to play so you won’t get bored while playing, you can even upgrade the airport design to make it more unique.

Watch out for people flying with fake passports or concealed weapons. X-rays show smugglers trying to sneak into your city. When their bags are in transit, scan them for anything that might be hidden, you’ll never know what’s inside.

Armed with your trusty flashlight, you have to single-handedly check and control the entire airport. When all the pilots were on their way to the jet preparing to take off, the criminals were preparing to make their escape. Be careful, stay alert and let only the most honest travelers pass by.

Every time a passenger passes by, you must check their passport and ask them questions regarding the information listed on that passport. If someone answers incorrectly, you can cancel their flight and call security to get them out.

Protect the security of the airport

Airport Security Mod Apk

Each person before boarding the plane will have to go through your location. They will introduce themselves by name, age, date of birth and hometown, then give you your passport. It is important that you understand what they say and check the information to see if they are cheating.

Pay special attention to differences in different circumstances such as: name, age, or another photo in the document. If there is any suspicion of fraud, you can call security. Airport security will arrive and you will then be questioned. It is important to ask the right questions, because otherwise the offender could deceive you and evade justice.

In addition, your job is also to control the scanner. The person who passes the initial control becomes a radiologist, and you must examine him. Carefully check what’s under his clothes because there might be guns or drugs. When you discover something unusual, immediately notify the security force.

Become the best security officer

Airport Security Mod Apk
Airport Security Mod Apk

With Airport Security, you will have the opportunity to become the best security officer ever. Since you are an airport security officer, you will have to prepare enough items to check passengers. The game will equip you with a variety of modern weapons, vehicles, and items so that you can successfully complete your mission.

In addition, you will also have to deal with passengers from many different countries, so you must know a little foreign language to be able to communicate with them. At the airport, there will be many different types of people, some people will follow the rules of the airport, but there are also people who specialize in disrupting the public. So you have to be very careful with these people.

Airport Security gives you a magic flashlight that can scan and scan passenger files and identification. Passengers who forge passports and misuse permits must be dealt with thoroughly. The game also provides you with a variety of weapons to defend yourself if you encounter a bad or unexpected situation.

Decorate your office

Airport Security Hack has some special, interesting points about the ability to customize the hero. It involves character modeling and several different options in the app. You can be both a strict policeman, a beautiful border guard or a handsome guy.

Players will be able to customize and improve several parts of their office. This is mainly a notice board at the airport and a scanner for passengers. Plus, redesign your entire building with new wallpaper and new houseplants. Create coziness and pump key objects to make them even more effective.

Download Airport Security Mod Apk

Airport Security Mod Apk

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