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AFK Arena Mod Apk is an exciting card role-playing game set in the fairy land of Esperia. Incarnation of the main character, you will be involved in the journey to conquer the mysterious world of Esperia. Download AFK Arena to your phone to experience classic beauty and great art.

Summary about AFK Arena

NameAFK Arena
GenreRole Playing
Size93 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Information about AFK Arena

AFK Arena Mod Apk
AFK Arena Mod Apk

AFK Arena Mod Apk is an impressive card game released for free on Android and iOS by publisher LilithGames. Here you will go to save the world from the dark forces of the Hypogeans. This is a classic role-playing game with great artistic beauty and unique and interesting gameplay.

In the game, you will play as one of the heroes who embark on a journey to destroy demons. Players will choose characters from the classes Wilders – Woodman, Maulers – Beastman, Graveborn – Mummy and Lightbringer – Light-bearer.

True to the name AFK Arena, even after the shutdown, your squad will still work hard to fight, kill monsters and you still receive many rewards, even new champions.

If you don’t have time, you can only visit a few times a week, but the level still increases quickly, the strength is stable, helping you not to be too “poor” or inferior to others too much. Therefore, this is a game that is not too difficult, does not require the investment and skill of gamers.


AFK Arena Mod Apk
AFK Arena Mod Apk

The game is set in the mysterious land of Esperia, which used to be very beautiful, fertile and rich. However, now the dark forces of the Hypogeans have come, ravaging everything and spreading death on this beautiful Esperia land.

Realizing Esperia’s displeasure, the goddess descended to help the people of Esperia. However, due to the darkness of the Hypogeans, the goddess was exhausted and disappeared after a long time of fighting.

Once again evil is raging and the people of Esperia are in dire need of help. You are the one chosen to do it. So you will have to gather your army and fight to protect world peace.

You will be given a power by the goddess to defeat the army of Hypogeans. Strategize, combine heroes, skills and faction bonuses to overcome your enemies! Embark on a journey of wonder and visit long-forgotten lands. The world of Esperia is waiting for you.

Attractive gameplay

AFK Arena Mod Apk
AFK Arena Mod Apk

AFK Arena has simple gameplay, without too many dazzling effects or skills. The style of play is gentle but not malicious, when all is moderate, not too many effects or jarring sounds.

Along with having many items, as well as character cards for players to collect will also be a key point. You’ll also learn about some of the epic works or stories that have captivated generations. To fight your opponent, you just need to gather and upgrade your squad of 5 heroes.

They will then fight on their own in quick but equally intense battles. AFK Arena also features a story-driven campaign mode, which revolves around saving the kingdom of Esperia along with countless other side challenges.

You can use it to earn experience points and upgrade materials. After exiting the game, the heroes will continue to fight and accumulate wealth to bring a valuable treasure when you return.

Rich character system

AFK Arena Mod Apk
AFK Arena Mod Apk

AFK Arena has 65 generals belonging to 7 different factions including Celestials (Divine), Hypogeans (Hell-man), Lightbringer (Light-bearer), Maulers (Beast Man), Wilders (Forest Man), Graveborn (Carcass). marina) and Dimensionals (Dimensional Heroes).

There is always a law of incompatibility between factions. It is the Mummy engraved with the Light Bearer, the Light Bearer engraved with the Beast-man, the Beast-man engraved with the Woodman and the Woodman engraved with the Mummy, and the two factions of God and Hell are in conflict with each other. Dimensional heroes will not be affected by any faction.

AFK Arena features 60 different characters, meticulously designed. Each character is like a work of stained glass art with smooth movements. The characters in the game all have stories related to its origin.

Features of AFK Arena

Despite having a fairly simple plot, AFK Arena is still appreciated for its gameplay. Almost while playing, you just sit and watch the AI ​​play itself, but the game’s great graphics are what keep you from taking your eyes off.

The characters are beautifully designed with a fantasy style, which you often see in role-playing games. Especially the female characters are extremely beautiful.

The character’s skill effect is one of the outstanding advantages of AFK Arena. The simulated matches are very epic with many different tactics. Besides, the sound of the game is also very suitable for the context of each match. The voiced characters are very cute.

The game is released on today’s popular operating systems such as Android, iOS. There is no need for too much space and no age limit, so downloading and experiencing the game is very easy. Download now and experience it.

More than 60 uniquely designed heroes for you to choose from. You do not need to worry about the language barrier when playing AFK Arena because the game supports Vietnamese. Alliance with other players to fight together against a series of dangerous opponents.

Download AFK Arena Mod Apk

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