456 Survival Challenge Mod Apk v0.0.12 (Unlimited Money, No Ads)


456 Survival Challenge Mod Apk – exciting action game inspired by the famous movie and show Squid Games. When playing this game, players will feel like they are transformed into movie characters to experience interesting games and win huge prizes.

Summary about 456 Survival Challenge

Name456 Survival Challenge
PublisherAzura Global
Size65 MB
RequestAndroid 6.0 and up

Information about 456 Survival Challenge

456 Survival Challenge Mod Apk
456 Survival Challenge Mod Apk

Not long ago, on Netflix appeared a famous Korean movie called Squid Games. Immediately it became a hot topic on social networks. And that also led to the appearance of many games designed with this squid game theme.

The only thing in common of these games is to beat quickly and quickly, capture the heat and bring temporary excitement to players. Sounds pretty tempting, right? But only a handful of those titles are worth your while. That is the 456 Survival Challenge Mod Apk from the publisher Azura Global.

With 456 Survival Challenge, you will be the main character in this game! Download 456 Survival Challenge now to immerse yourself in the extremely hot game and become the ultimate winner bringing home the prize of 45.6 billion won. Enjoy the game with friends and family, you will never be disappointed.


456 Survival Challenge Mod Apk

The game has the same context as the movie, 456 Survival Challenge Mod Apk will put you in the arena of 456 participants in total. In turn, the group will go through dramatic rounds of life and death. Your goal is to be the only survivor and take the game’s huge prize money.

Compared to other spin-off games, I highly recommend 456 Survival Challenge on two points. One is the ability to simulate in detail and well the games that have appeared in the movie. Second, the image of the characters is only in pixel form, but the movement is quite smooth and reasonable, and the physics simulation is also very good.

There are Green Lights – Red Light, Tug of War, Jump on Glass and Dalgona Candy. The game allows you to play against real people all over the world in a lot of interesting games. This is a unique game that you can play for free right now!

Survival challenge with player number 456

Red Light – Blue Light is one of the most intense challenges in fish shooting game. And we launch the 456 Survival Challenge game that helps you transform into the main character number 456 and experience the death games.

When you transform into player number 456, you will have to do everything to survive and win huge prizes. You will face hundreds of other opponents through the rounds. To add to the fun, you will have to fight other players and they will appear in the interface of familiar characters in each round.

In all minigames, just a little carelessness, you will be the loser and die, a huge amount of money will slip out of your hands and fall into the hands of others. So focus all your actions to pass all the games and become the last survivor.

Mini-games in game

In total, when participating in this mortal game, you will go through the main levels, corresponding to the classic games:

Green light red light game

456 Survival Challenge Mod Apk

All 456 people will have the goal of running to the finish line before the 1 minute time is up. But when running, the monstrous yellow-clothed Doll will sing (corresponding to the green light), now you have to take advantage of moving quickly and firmly.

And when the doll stops singing (corresponding to a red light), you will have to stop, not move for any reason, or you will be shot to death. And whoever doesn’t reach the finish line after the time limit is also dead. In general, after playing this game, the number of participants can be erased.

Sugar candy splitting game

This game in the 456 Survival Challenge is presented in a way: the player touches the pieces of sugar candy, following the pre-cut lines outside a certain shape, until the desired shape is separated without breaking. it. Whoever breaks or does it too late than the time allowed, the ending you already know.

Playing tug

Unlike the two games above, the game is played individually. Playing tug of war, the entire remaining number of people will be divided into different teams, pairing and fighting with any team. Your task in this game will be to continuously swipe the screen to help your team win the opponent team.

Glass bridge

This game is the most challenging in the mini games series of 456 Survival Challenge. Mainly, the ability to remember will determine the winner or loser. Everyone will line up to cross a long bridge with two sides and each side is divided into small squares.

One of the two squares in the same row will be tempered glass where you can comfortably step your feet. The other umbrella is normal glass, just stepping on you will immediately fall into the abyss. You will know the location of the tempered glass panels in a very short time, and are forced to memorize all of them exactly.

Just one wrong glass, and you will end up dead, immediately kill yourself (like going to the toilet or tug of war), or get shot. Immediately being carried away by the henchmen of the arena.

Download 456 Survival Challenge Mod Apk

456 Survival Challenge Mod Apk

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