Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK – Return Childhood

In childhood, many of us probably knew Dragon Ball. It is a very interesting and attractive Japanese comic. Legendary characters like Songoku, Gohan, Piccolo, .. will remain in memory. There are also many mobile games inspired by this book. One of them is the Dragon Ball Legends super product that I will introduce today.

Basic information about Dragon Ball Legends

Following the success of the Dragon Ball titles (like Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle), Bandai Namco officially released Dragon Ball Legends from the middle of May. This is an extremely eye-catching 3D fighting game with a seemingly flawless graphics background.

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK has a storyline that closely follows the original version. We are so familiar with the adventures of Goku and friends. On his journey, the boy (and later growing up) has met numerous challenges. Goku and his friends have overcome countless difficulties and rescued the World.

Dragon Ball Legends has similar gameplay as Bandai’s other mobile game is One Piece: Bounty Rush. In the game, you will play a character in Dragon Ball. You will participate in adventures and battles with other players. But the game is very harsh with countless challenges ahead.

The player needs to destroy all the infidels in order to win. Skills are very important, the skills of your character must also be memorized. The legendary Dragon Ball is waiting for you to discover. Kamehameha? It is too simple and please test this technique yourself.

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK

The Legendary Dragon Ball

With Dragon Ball Legends, your childhood memories will be strong. You will meet legendary characters like SonGoku, Gohan, Piccollo, Krillin, … and other minor characters. Each of them has different characteristics. You need to pay attention to the characters’ blood when defending.

In particular, in the trailer, we also see a mysterious character. Perhaps it was a Saiyan with a distinctive hairstyle and armor. It is possible that he is Yamoshi, the first Saiyan turned into Super Saiyan. He is the legend of this superior nation. However, there has never been a statement from Banco on this character.

The control mechanism of the game is relatively simple. With mobile devices or tablets, it is relatively optimal. You can easily get used to manipulation, but to become a master is another matter. Dragon Ball Legends has two main modes, offline and PvP.

Unlike other games, the skills of Dragon Ball Legends are unlocked by card system, which can help you combine many different skills. Rest assured, not too difficult for you to collect all the tricks.

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK

Excellent graphics

Bandai Namco is one of the game’s highly rated game developers. With Dragon Ball Legends, graphics are also the most successful point of this game. When you play this game, it feels like you’re watching a real animated movie. The movements are very smooth and the characters are very lively, like the original version.

In terms of audio, everything is also invested carefully and meticulously. The characters have familiar lines. The way of voicing the characters is also close to the situations. The expressions of the myths are not much different from those seen in the good stories on the film.

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK


Dragon Bal titles have never been hot. However, up to this point, there are quite a few games on this topic. I believe, you will not be disappointed about Dragon Ball Legends. Download and wait!

As always, there are 3 choices for you: Dragon Ball Legends for Android, Dragon Ball Legends for iOS and Game MOD APK. MOD function: One Turn Win, One Hit Kill, Complete all battle challenges.

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