Dead Cells Mod Apk 1.60.6 (Unlimited Money)

Dead Cells Mod Apk – two-way action game with lifelike elements. The game is a perfect combination between classic and modern. The place where you will play the role of a dead warrior revived by parasitic implantation experiments and then begin your journey to explore the vast world.

Summary about Dead Cells

NameDead Cells
Size745 MB
RequestAndroid 6.0 and up
Mod FeatureUnlimited Money

Information Dead Cells

Dead Cells Mod Apk

Dead Cells Mod Apk

Dead Cells is one of the best role-playing action games ever. Award-winning and top rated game of two-way action game with roguelike elements.. The player can immerse themselves in an exciting adventure through the many levels together with the main character.

During the passage of the characters to find ways to move forward, and search goals can be accomplished in several ways. Also he will have to face a lot of enemies to deal with which will help more than fifty types of weapons and powerful magic spells. Additionally, the protagonist expect hidden rooms and locations, concealing a lot of interesting things.

How to play

Dead Cells Mod Apk

Dead Cells Mod Apk

Dead Cells is a roguelike action platform from Motion Twin. The game will require you to masterfully fight weapons and skills to fight evil. You will play the role of a dead warrior revived by a parasitic transplant experiment and then begin your journey to explore the vast world, find out what has happened on the dark island this.

The game has smooth action and dramatic challenges that cause difficulties for players. But that won’t stop you, will it? You can play it over and over again to overcome those challenges.

Dead Cells

Just hearing the name of the game, many people will immediately know who the main character of the game is. The name Dead Cells is about the main character in this fascinating action game. The protagonist is a warrior who died in battle, and then he is sent back to a laboratory where scientists can study a parasite they create. And then he was revived with many fighting skills, mobility.


Dead Cells Mod Apk

Dead Cells Mod Apk

The gameplay of platforms combining adventure and action has become too familiar to players. At the beginning of the game, you will be given a starter weapon. Then explore dungeons, upgrade weapons, unlock new weapons and fight enemies. Just like that many times, you will finish the game. In each game screen, there will be mysterious stories and weapons, energy will be opened.

The map of the game is divided into many different areas. Each area is divided into several branches. You are free to explore the areas without having to follow a single rule. After each stage, the enemy will get stronger. So you have to upgrade your weapons and combat skills if you don’t want to fail.


Here, you can also submit weapon design blueprints you find, which can then be unlocked for purchase. If you have the skill item to keep a certain amount of money – otherwise you will lose your hand after dying – you will quickly accumulate to buy powerful equipment and pass the initial levels.

In addition, if you defeat some special enemies, you will unlock mysterious powers that work forever. Some create vines out of strong green mucus, the other allows you to teleport between coffins, while the third gives you the ability to jump between walls to reach new heights.


The virtual handle on the left side of the screen acts as motion control, while the buttons on the right side allow you to perform some actions such as rolling over an arrow or rolling over a narrow wall, jumping (and double jumping), tossing. grenades, trigger traps and use weapons (both primary and secondary).

In addition, you can also edit the position and size of these buttons to suit your preferences. Moreover, the mobile version of Dead Cells also has a completely new automatic attack mode, causing the character to fight in melee whenever an enemy enters a certain range.

Download Dead Cells Mod Apk

Download Dead Cells Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

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