Coin Trip Mod Apk 1.0.908 (Unlimited Money)

Coin Trip Mod Apk – casino-themed game that brings players to many famous places around the world. When participating in the game, players will travel the world, build tourist destinations and compete with friends around the world. This is a game that combines elements of construction and luck.

Summary about Coin Trip

NameCoin Trip
PublisherLion Studios
Size122 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up
Mod FeatureUnlimited Money

Information Coin Trip

Coin Trip Mod Apk

Coin Trip Mod Apk

Coin Trip – game casino for mobile devices, which also includes travel to various places and cities in the world. The user will travel to various sites that hide a lot of secrets. Solving puzzles, the player can earn money for future adventures. In addition, the player will collect a collection of valuable items that will be available after visiting the famous cities and perform interesting daily tasks.

In this game, players will have the opportunity to earn a lot of money and use them to build lots of dream areas. It feels great to have a lot of cash and spend it, right? Here, you will have the opportunity to own up to billions of money as well as travel to many different lands.


Coin Trip Mod Apk

Coin Trip Mod Apk

In Coin Trip, players will have to perform 2 main tasks: making money and building buildings. Each time a project is completed, a player will receive a ticket. And only after collecting all 20 tickets will the current area be completed.

After that, the player will be moved to a new city. And to do that, of course players have to make a lot of money. So how to make money?Actually, to make money in this game is not difficult, but it is mainly based on luck.

Players must proceed to spin the lucky spin to receive the prize. Depending on the different combinations, the player will receive a corresponding amount. Each spin consumes one energy, and every 30 minutes there will be five additional energy.

However, the amount of max power is quite a lot, so you do not need to worry about interruptions or long waiting. The maximum number of consecutive turns you can spin is up to 50.

How to play

Coin Trip Mod Apk

Coin Trip Mod Apk

When the results of all 3 rows are the same (Jackpot), the player will receive a special reward, corresponding to the spinner symbol. For example when the result is three gold chests, the player will get a huge amount.

In the event of three bombs, the player will be allowed to attack his friend’s house and earn decent rewards. Especially, when rotating the two bombs symbol, you will be attacked twice.

Some other perks include raiding neighbors, getting shields to protect your home, as well as protecting money from being lost, having more power to spin.

After each player earns 20 tickets, they will be moved to a new area, similar to a level. There are many areas built in the game that represent cities. So you can make trips to New York, Brazil, or even the Arctic.

In addition, there are many painting collections in these places. However, the pieces have been disordered and lost. So your job is to find puzzles to complete it. Each time you complete a picture, the player receives a lot of gifts, including a lot of cash. In addition, depending on the value of the photo, you will get more or less money.


Join your friends and other players around the world to build in exotic locations around the world. Attack and raid other players to gather riches. Spin to win amazing treasures. Build and protect your land.

Collect puzzle pieces from jungles of Madagascar, to the sunny Maldives, or the city that never sleeps New York. Build and upgrade your locations and protect it with everything you have because when you are at the top your friends will try to take you down!

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Coin Trip Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

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