Download Camp Defense Mod Apk v1.0.503 (Unlimited Money)


Camp Defense Mod Apk – a fun strategy game with a post-apocalyptic world setting. Here, players will join lucky friends who survived the pandemic to fight with zombies to protect their base. Camp Defense is published and developed by stereo7 games.

Summary about Camp Defense

NameCamp Defense
PublisherStereo7 games
Size55 MB
RequestAndroid 5.0 and up

Introduce about Camp Defense

Camp Defense Mod Apk
Camp Defense Mod Apk

Camp Defense Mod Apk is a game about a group of people who are lucky to survive a terrible apocalypse. That’s why they all must unite to protect this world. The group’s only mission is to fight to protect their base from the zombies that are stalking the guild ahead.

Fight zombies on gas stations, shops, and restaurants in a post-apocalyptic world. If you are a lover of zombie-themed games, you should definitely download Camp Defense to play right away. In general, Camp Defense has a similar gameplay to Plant vs Zombies, so it certainly won’t take you long to get used to it.

A Zombie War

Camp Defense Mod Apk
Camp Defense Mod Apk

Camp Defense Mod Apk is a fighting game genre against legendary zombies that is loved by many players today. The game is inspired by fighting against human mutant zombies for life. This is definitely a tough and challenging battle for all players. So stand up, show your ability, try to save the world from zombies right now.

The world is becoming chaotic and devastated after the apocalypse. Zombies appear everywhere so you have to build your own barracks to have a place to hide. Then think about fighting to protect your barracks and the lives of those in the barracks from extremely aggressive and bloodthirsty zombies.

You will have to fight zombies in many different locations such as gas stations, restaurants, shops… Each battle is very dramatic and harsh. You will face a large number of zombies. You will be provided with a variety of extremely versatile vehicles to be able to participate in this challenging battle.

Equipment to assist you in the match

Camp Defense Mod Apk
Camp Defense Mod Apk

The trucks are what will help you a lot in the battles with the zombies. It is one of the modern and necessary tools for ever y player. In each battle, it is the main means for you to move. In addition, weapons such as guns and ammunition are also necessary and practical support items during the battle.

The later, the higher the level, the more and more powerful the zombies. Therefore, you need to upgrade your warriors, improve the power of weapons, the life cycle of summons, and even the quality of the truck.

In each battle, players need to collect many items to unlock more modern and advanced equipment. That way, you can defeat the extremely numerous and ferocious zombies out there in a simpler way.


This is a highly entertaining game, for all players who are passionate about strategy games, epic combat. Especially this game will not require internet connection or wifi. To help players can play anywhere, anytime.

That is one of the highlights that helps the game attract a large number of players from all over the world. An extremely realistic and detailed simulation game, it will make all players a truly remarkable experience.

Multiple levels of play

Camp Defense Mod Apk
Camp Defense Mod Apk

Camp Defense Mod Apk offers more than 1000 different levels for players to freely explore and experience. At the same time, there will also be tough and arduous challenges in certain levels that each player needs to overcome.

Your most important task is to protect your truck from dangerous zombies. In addition, you need to upgrade your barracks to become more modern and solid. Build yourself professional training camps to create mighty warriors against the enemy.

Many new locations

Many new locations will be formed and developed through the levels that players conquer in Camp Defense. The story of the map system will appear in 10 special locations.

Every player needs to master someone like this to get the upper hand and win. Besides, the tactical element in this game also contributes an essential part to the success of each person.


The animation style of Camp Defense will reduce the death in the game a bit. Make players feel not afraid of zombies and persistent wars.

You will not be able to stop laughing when you witness a group of zombies jumping continuously, accompanied by a very characteristic wide-mouth movement.

As for your soldiers, each has a unique look, some are smooth, some are bearded… but all are small, dwarf, square, square faces that are so tense that they become silly when fighting. It must be said that there has never been a zombie match as entertaining as this.


The sound effects in Camp Defense are also extremely attractive, the gunfire rings out continuously, the background music is in a hurry, making the battle situation even more intense. You will never have a moment’s rest because situations will unfold continuously. Just listen to the sound, the spirit is always 100% alert.

Download Camp Defense Mod Apk

Camp Defense Mod Apk

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