Awakening of Heroes Moba 5vs5 Mod Apk (Enemies on the map)

Awakening of Heroes Moba 5vs5 – an action-packed strategy game with beautiful graphics and extremely engaging gameplay. This is a strategy game with a familiar moba style in which players will participate in tense battles between teams of characters, detailed locations. All enemies will be shown on the map in this MOD version. Feel free to play the generals you love in Awakening of Heroes MOD APK.

Summary about Awakening of Heroes

NameAwakening of Heroes
PublisherCofa Games
Size66 MB
RequestAndroid 6.0 and up
Mod FeatureEnemies on the map

Information Awakening of Heroes

Awakening of Heroes Mod Apk

Awakening of Heroes Mod Apk

Awakening of Heroes: MOBA 5v5 – cool action game with excellent graphics in which the player can expect intense battles between teams of characters, detailed locations. The user will see a huge number of heroes, ready to enter the arena and make opponents chop. For this purpose they have special abilities and a wide Arsenal of weapons. In this game with multiple modes and elements of the classic MOBS and the “battle Royal” everyone will be able to show themselves in exciting fights and to achieve the rating.


Awakening of Heroes Mod Apk

Awakening of Heroes Mod Apk

Play Awakening of Heroes, the extraordinary NEW 5V5 Battle Arena that MOBA players are calling the best Action PvP game!

Join extraordinary everyday heroes in a new Action free-to-play 5v5 MOBA game that’s trespassing on hilarious. Dominate the fairytale town battle arena of this highly-rated mobile action MOBA with RPG and battle royale elements! Play 5vs5 PVP ranked battle matches with your friends against real opponents from around the world in real-time action-packed 10-minute matches.

On top of the dynamic MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) gameplay, Awakening of Heroes brings you more teamwork, showing your PvP strategy, worthwhile jungling rewards, full-on card decks collections, and wacky power-ups (amazing graphics included). Become a hero you always wanted to be, join Awakening of Heroes players and rise through the ranks of valor to conquer all our Battle arenas with strategy!

Features in Awakening of Heroes

A unique objective-based 5v5 Moba: Experience the thrill of PvP matches on a 3-lane MOBA map with RTS objectives that differ AOH from classic online MOBA games.

Bomb touchdown: Defeat a bomber, pass a bomb to your teammate and destroy a tower in a football legend style touchdown!

Capture the flag: Do two capture the flag missions to summon Big Boss to brawl and help your team become 5vs5 MOBA legends!

Jungle rewards: Defeat guardians to get reinforcements, missile or other tangible rewards for your whole team so no enemy vagary will catch your defence off guard!

The most dangerous heroes

Awakening of Heroes Mod Apk

Awakening of Heroes Mod Apk

There are heroes among us: an angry bingo champion granny mage who bakes a killer cake for self defense. Boom! A warm-hearted math professor turned butcher skilled in close combat. Clash! A grumpy old-timer marksman in his invention – a speeding wheelchair equipped with lots of guns – fighting his private war.

Collect and upgrade cards, role-playing game style, to reach legendary levels of your hero’s armor, speed, and damage. Put on a deadly fighter soda can ring while a chicken breast armor gives you the best defence. Gather trophies to progress through 15 arenas 5 v 5 as you climb to the world top league!

Battle royale flying start and loot

These heroes evolved into gardeners of tower defense. Earn gold by defeating enemies, buy weaponized plants and place them tactically, tower defense style. Each plant evolved to shoot, heal, or serve as a trap or a decoy. Plant your way to victory and reach the stars!

The thrill of battle royale online, the fun of 5 vs 5 MOBA games! Parachute into the arena with a hang glider and jump into a brawl! Find mystery boxes around the map just like in a battle royale game and use power-ups to set mousetraps, become invisible or unleash a chicken bomber fleet. Fight for the ultimate survival heroes only can earn.

Teamwork for the win

Work together, support, combine your skills, make war friends and prove you are legends of this extraordinary game. Jungle and get legendary rewards for the whole team. Tank so your teammate can go through the black hole and surprise the enemies by unleashing your minions in the enemy jungle in this mobile 5vs5 MOBA game battle with real opponents and real-time strategy matches.

Download Awakening of Heroes Mod Apk

Awakening of Heroes Mod Apk

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