Auto Chess Mobile APK – Latest version 0.2.0 for Android & iOS

Auto Chess Mobile is a mobile version of hot custom map, Dota Auto Chess of Dota 2. Auto Chess Mobile is now available on both Android and iOS platforms. The latest version of this strategy game is v0.2.0.

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Introducing Auto Chess Mobile

Recently, Dota 2’s custom map Auto Chess is one of the hottest games on the market. Thanks to the presence of Auto Chess, DOTA 2 suddenly became hot again. Although before that, this game is in a recession. Dota’s sudden popularity Auto Chess Mobile has surprised many people.

Auto Chess Mobile has quite simple gameplay, easy to play for those who have never played. Therefore, almost everyone can easily get acquainted. From people with slow hands, to rough hands, can play. That’s why Auto Chess Android quickly spread and became a fever in the mobile game village.

Not only is it attractive to gamers, “Auto Chess” fever is also appealing to manufacturers. It seems that every company wants to jump into a part of this lucrative piece. Game giants like Tencent and Valve are rumored to be rushing to negotiate with Drodo Studio to host this hot game. While the small studios did not meet, they all invited each other to produce a series of counterfeit versions according to Auto Chess.

However, many gamers expressed that they are waiting for an official Auto Chess Mobile version. A standalone version is produced by Drodo Studio. Of course, this small Chinese studio also understands this. They said they would partner with Imba TV and Long Mobile Limited to launch a major mobile version called Auto Chess for Android.

Auto Chess Mobile

Eager to wait for Auto Chess Mobile

Recently, Drodo quickly “churned” the mobile version of Auto Chess in early March. Although the information is still limited, it is enough for the gaming community to be eager. Recently, Drodo Studio officially released the concept image as well as the first information of Auto Chess mobile version.

Accordingly, we can see that the design of the Auto Chess Mobile characters is completely different from the original version on Dota 2. Apparently, they don’t have any similarities with the famous generals in Dota worlds like Ax, Tuskar or Beastmaster come in cartoon style like Pixar and Dreamworks.

In response to this, Drodo Studio said, a drawback of moving games to mobile devices is that Auto Chess Mobile will not be able to enforce the legendary characters in Dota 2. However, Drodo Studio has ensured that will redesign a lot of characters, giving them a new look while still bringing with it a special direction when playing Dota 2.

This auto strategy game will be outside the DotA platform. But it will retain the classic game mechanism and reward system for old players. You need to connect your Steam account to your new account. Auto Chess Mobile will support both iOS and Android systems and allow global gamers to play together. The good news is that the server will be located globally. But players in China will test this game first.

Although not related to Dota 2, the former Auto Chess players on Dota 2 will also benefit from the move to the mobile version. If you buy the current candy in Dota Auto Chess, you will get candy in the mobile version. In addition, Drodo Studio will also have gifts for Auto Chess players in Dota 2 and move to mobile version.

Auto Chess Mobile

Auto Chess Mobile and outstanding features

New gameplay and attraction

Players will collect or change hero cards and arrange different squad. 8 chess players will compete in matches lasting 10 minutes to win. Millions of players are challenging each other every day. That makes Dota Chess gradually become one of the hottest entertainment games in the market.

Attractive with big game prizes

Auto Chess is a real fair game. Developer Dragonest, Drodo and lmbaTV will host an eSports tournament on a global scale with millions of valuable prizes. That stimulates gamers all over the world.

Strategy to dominate the world

Players will receive random heroes in Sharing Cardpool. You can create special formations based on the unique strategy you create. Developing, combining, fighting, etc. Auto Chess Mobile allows you to practice and develop your strategy to the greatest extent. Gamers need to adapt to the dense “wave” of tactics and survive to the end.

Auto Chess Mobile

Global server

No matter where you come from, you are warmly welcomed to the world of Auto Chess and challenge players from all over the world!
Under this article, I would like to provide the latest Download Android and iOS links, version 0.2.0 for your convenience to download. Wish you have fun playing games.

Free Download AutoChess for Android

Free Download AutoChess for iOS

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Auto Chess Mobile Mod Apk v0.1.5 for Android and IOS

Auto Chess Mobile Mod Apk v0.2.0 for Android and IOS

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