Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Angry Birds Blast Dream – angry birds are back in a new project, and this time the player must help them get out of the environment of colored bubbles. To do this, the user needs to burst a chain of identical balls. Moreover, other bubbles will fall down due to gravitational forces. The chain reaction will help destroy large group of objects, than easier passage of the many exciting levels and help you meet new species of birds. If it is too difficult to overcome the challenges of the game but only a certain number of networks. You can download the Mod Version that will give you Unlimited Money, play many times and buy items.

Summary about Angry Birds Dream Blast

Name Angry Birds Dream Blast
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Genre Puzzle
Size 90 MB
Get it on Android 5.0 and up
Mod feature Unlimited Money

Introduce about Angry Birds Dream Blast

Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod Apk

Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod Apk

Life is a bubble-popping dream in Angry Birds Dream Blast, a challenging new puzzle game with fun gameplay and content from The Angry Birds Movie 2. Join the movie celebrations and solve puzzles and have a relaxing experience with plenty of laughs. With so many unique puzzles to solve — and more added every week — you’ll be living the dream.

Angry Birds Dream Blast is a breeze to pick up and play. Pop groups of similarly colored dream bubbles with a simple tap — pop enough bubbles at once and you’ll earn a Red booster. One Red can take out a row of bubbles, and two Reds combine to make a Chuck, which pops bubbles in four directions. Combine two Chucks to make the extra powerful Bomb booster! Baby Bomb may look funny and cute, but his explosive energy can even clear an entire screen of bubbles. Combine more bubbles at once to create more powerful boosters.

Break bubbles and get reward

Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod Apk

Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod Apk

However, you don’t have to click to win. Instead of racing with a countdown timer, you’ll get a limited number of moves, and this number keeps decreasing. Therefore, the wise choice is to play a bit slower and look closely at the ball grid to find the largest ball or the longest string of balls. Of course, gradually you will also unlock special moves. Please note that you must save them and only use them at the right time.

Of course, angry birds also play an important role in the game. They appear in small bubbles. When that bubble burst, you will eliminate the entire row or whole bunch of balls on the screen. If you’re really smart, you’ll blow up the balls that are separating the birds, then push them into the same bubble to create double power. The experience of activating and combining these particularly powerful moves makes a sense of immense satisfaction, especially when the balls bounce like a child excited at a birthday party.

Create explosions

Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod Apk

Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod Apk

Besides, each level has additional special missions. Such as helping the egg fall to the ground or destroy the blue pigs. The best way to complete it is to create Angry Birds – birds that can create explosions that destroy bubbles around them. Combining multiple bubbles of the same color will create a red Angry Bird, touch to create a small explosion. Combine two red Angry Birds to create a yellow Angry Birds, touch to create a big explosion. Purple Angry Birds are created when there are two yellow Angry Birds near each other, it can help you clean up all the bubbles on the screen.

Download Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod Apk

Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)
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